View Full Version : Newtone Strings ?

Mar-17-2004, 6:00pm
Tried their heavy set. Real nice wound strings loud and warm, The solid strings plating came off really fast leaving a rough feeling string.

Martin Jonas
Mar-17-2004, 6:26pm
I got a couple of his extra light gauge (.08 to .30) sets a while ago for my mother's bowlback, as they were the lightest strings I could find here in the UK. She hasn't put them on yet, so I can't say how they are. However, as a concept, handmade strings don't make a awful lot of sense to me: there are areas where small craftsmen can be much better than big factories (making mandolins is one of them), but string-winding doesn't really spring to mind -- by all accounts, today's mass-produced strings have much better mechanical properties and reliability than the handmade ones in the early 20th century.


Mar-17-2004, 6:34pm
I haven't tried them for mando but I love their guitar strings. I have been tempted to try a set of their mando strings.

Mar-18-2004, 7:09am
i use newtones on several of my mandos. better tone (especially for celtic) and less tension.

the djangolins come with these strings on them along with an extra set.

Mar-28-2004, 9:26am
I have used both the guitar and mandolin strings for approx 5 years and will not use anything else. I found the chemicals in my fingers used to wear out strings very quickly. Since I hae been using the Newtones, I have to remind myself to change the strings.

For mandolin, I have used both the 11-41 and the 10-37.

Newtone are my strings of choice. First for tone, second for longevity. http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/biggrin.gif

Hubert Angaiak
May-03-2004, 5:35pm
Okay... how often do you need to change strings. I tried the Thomastiks but put back by D'Addarios. The thomastiks were fine, but he the G string was rather spongy for my taste. Single string and tremlo were great, but feel apart when I hit the strings hard in my opinion. I am interested in the Newtones, but having spend the bucks on thomastiks and not particularly liking them left me wet footed.

May-03-2004, 9:52pm
Tried Thomastic starks took them off after one set. Not my cup of tea. Worst strings I ever had on my mando but they are all different. Really like the Newtone wound strings but the plating comes off quickly on the solid ones. Am using them now with all those extra solid strings they give you from countless sets of Gibson Monlels
They are worth a try

Martin Jonas
May-04-2004, 5:00am
I've just put the Newtone light gauge on my mother's vintage bowlback. This set is really very light gauge indeed, 0.008 to 0.030, and it sounds fine, if a bit thin, on the instrument. I was, however, taken aback by the fact that the loop of two of the strings, one A and one E string, unravelled during tensioning. I've never had this happen with any other strings and in view of the fact that the tension at pitch on such light strings, together with the shorter scale length of the bowlback, is very much less than, say, on a carved mando with J74s, it doesn't say much for the quality of the manufacturing. Luckily, I was able to just twist them back together, sqeezed the last winding with a pair of pliers, and they have held firm so far when tensioned to pitch. Don't know whether this was just an abberation or a common problem with Newtones.