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Sep-28-2005, 8:41am

I'm looking for an online lessons site that will take you through learning scales etc as a beginner.

Any good sites other than this one out there?


Sep-28-2005, 9:15am
At jazzmand.com you can learn the FFcP (Four Finger closed Possition)major scale that you can modify to play any scale.

Personally, I think as a beginner you should learn some songs as well as practice scales and you can find tab on this site as well as mandozine.com.

good luck.

Sep-28-2005, 10:23am
I don't want to open the FOTW cannaworms - go read elsewhere about whether or not to do business with them. I never have and probably never will. However, they do have fairly complete on line beginner mando lessons:
FOTW mando lessons (http://www.folkofthewood.com/page5296.htm)

This is not a beginner topic per se, but this mando centric introduction to chord progressions is excellent:
Mike Perry's chord progression info (http://www.mikeperryweb.com/chords/index2.html)

I am not a fan of using the "Cipher System" as your main way of playing, but reading this introduction to using it with the mando can make a lot of lights come on:
Intro to Cipher for mando (http://www.thecipher.com/mandolin_3_minute_intro.html)

Sep-28-2005, 4:48pm
About a year or so ago, a cafe member talked about offering online instruction via a video feed. I remember him posting info about it, but haven't heard anything since. Anyone know about this. Did it ever take off?

Sep-28-2005, 6:53pm
You must be thinkin' about cafe member Randolin. here is his web site musiclessonsource.com (http://www.musiclessonsource.com/) .

I haven't used his services, but i have been to a couple of jams at his house. he knows his way around a fingerboard!

Joe Mangio
Sep-29-2005, 6:22pm
Jay Buckey.com

Sep-29-2005, 9:15pm
FOTW cannaworms ....................hehehehe.

Sep-29-2005, 9:26pm
Well, the only thing I am absolutely certain they have in stock is web pages...

Martin Jonas
Oct-06-2005, 4:05am
Nigel Gatherer (http://www.nigelgatherer.com/mando/tut1.html) beginner's tutorial.


Oct-12-2005, 12:01pm
I am still teaching mando using internet videoconference and all of my students love it. I supply all the hardware and software free of charge and lessons are $25 per 1/2hr. These are face to face private lessons.... unlike trying to learn from a book or interactive online. As one of my students said "even if this method is only half as good as an in person lesson it is 100% better than NO lesson at all".
Have a look at my website for more info

Jan-15-2007, 1:43pm
Still Offering ON-LINE Videoconference lessons with students now around the world.
It really works

PS..Scott see you in Bakersfield

Jan-15-2007, 2:21pm
For online lessons the best that I found is:



Jan-15-2007, 9:36pm
Good choice is the following link



Jan-15-2007, 10:38pm
You must be thinkin' about cafe member Randolin. #here is his web site musiclessonsource.com (http://www.musiclessonsource.com/) .

I haven't used his services, but i have been to a couple of jams at his house. #he knows his way around a fingerboard!

Has anyone on here used the musiclessonsource.com? #just wondering, I am the type to check thing out, maybe too much, before I dive in. #Thanks for any info you can give.

Jan-16-2007, 6:06am
I bought that DVD from FOTW featuring Mickey, and it IS a helpful introduction, but unfortunately, Mickey has a tendency to sorta leave the viewer in the dust a lot, in various segments on that DVD.

I had also purchased a two-CD package with a corresponding songbook that had three tracks per musical piece, in which you could:

a) Imitate the mando lead (along with tabs in a book and the mando on the CD)
b) Play along with the mando lead and guitar at slow speed, following the Tabs in the book and listening to the audio.
c) Play the mando part with the guitar on the CD "up to tempo."

I did learn from this method of teaching, and yet I found that I had to use "Transcribe" to slow down even the slow track, before I could get "up to speed" with the slow track....lolol.