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Neil Dean
Sep-26-2005, 4:22pm
Hey all,

Here's a few shots of part of a fresh batch of instruments. The A-5 is red spruce and sugar maple, ebony appointments and an golden oil varnish finish. This is the first mandolin that I've used all wood from a ten mile radius of my house(except for the ebony, of course).

Thanks for looking and I'll have more photos on my site soon.


NeilJDeanMandolins.com (http://neiljdeanmandolins.com)

Neil Dean
Sep-26-2005, 4:32pm
The two point is german spruce and red maple. Again, all ebony appointments and silver Waverly tuners.

Sep-26-2005, 4:35pm
Wow Neil! Amazing! Both look really nice.

What's that tailpiece you have on the 2-pointer? And the side wood?

Ohhh the MAS, the MAS! http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/wow.gif

Sep-26-2005, 4:52pm
VERY beautiful! Congrats! http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/smile.gif

Sep-26-2005, 5:24pm
wow neil your stuff looks amazing thats a real masterpiece you've got there you should be incredibly proud.

Sep-26-2005, 6:44pm
They look great Neil! http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/biggrin.gif

Sep-26-2005, 7:16pm
It's no surprise to me that Neil is once again turning out fantastic mandos. Nice job!!

Lane Pryce
Sep-26-2005, 7:22pm
Whew!!!Thats a hot little blonde au'natural,and some crazy good wood in that two pointer too!!! Excllent. Lp

Sep-26-2005, 7:36pm
Well, I just think your design elements are fabulous! Well done.


Sep-26-2005, 7:43pm
Great 2 pt!

Sep-26-2005, 8:42pm
I'm so excited. Two weeks till my used Dean Two Pointer gets brought to me here in Thailand! It's at my home town on my birthday this week, but opted not to ship. A team from my church is coming to visit us so they'll be bringing it. Can't wait. The only mandolin he's used quilted maple on so far...love those two points.

Neil Dean
Sep-27-2005, 7:48pm
Thanks alot everyone. I'm very pleased with these two mandolins.

Germaine, the tailpiece is of my own design and there is a more detailed shot on my site. The side wood is flat sawn curly bigleaf maple. I got it from Bruce Harvie at Wintergrass, and have used it on a few instruments now as side wood. I love how irregular the curl is.

The Two Point is also my first run at doing an all hand stained burst. Until now I had always done a combo of hand and spray work. I don't believe that I will doing any more spraying of color. The hand work takes alot longer, but it just looks so much better, in my opinion...


Sep-27-2005, 8:48pm
could you post a front view pic of the two point, it looks amazing!

mad dawg
Sep-27-2005, 10:28pm
Beautiful -- nice work.

Sep-27-2005, 11:09pm
I have never liked a black acoustic instrument, but I LOVE that 2-point. It is absolutely beautiful!

Sep-27-2005, 11:30pm
Posted up top that I'm getting a used NJD. Was thinking back and don't think I've ever seen another used one pop up before. That's a good sign.

Sep-28-2005, 6:23pm
Absolutely gorgeous two pointer, Neil! #I gotta make it a goal to own before I leave this mortal coil! No scroll looks any more refined and artistic than the gracefull lines on your two point, and the finish is spectatular.

What kind of sound do you go for in your two-points? Is it a Bluegrass tone, or more of a classical inclined instrument?

Neil Dean
Sep-29-2005, 2:50pm
"could you post a front view pic of the two point"

John, I believe there is a front photo of the two point on my site. In the mandolins section.

"What kind of sound do you go for in your two-points? Is it a Bluegrass tone, or more of a classical inclined instrument?"

It really depends on the client. It seems that most people who order two points tend to more interested in other genres of music(jazz, choro, classical) but still want it to hold up in a bluegrass jam.

As I get more consistent with my building, I am starting to note that each of the models I build have an inherent sound and range to them. There are always exceptions to the rule, but geneally speaking my two points tend to lean towards the warm end of the spectrum. They are very lively with lots of sustain. Obviously there are numerous factors that contribute to this. My two point body is copied from an original L&H style A, which was a somewhat petite mandolin. To compensate, I make the body a touch deeper. I usually use the softer woods on this model as well(german spruce and red maple). Also, the floating tailpiece on the two points tends to produce more overtones and sustain. I find I have a harder time getting that really robust E string on this model. It can be done though.

Interestingly, I'm working on a prototype Two Point right now that is slightly larger than my original pattern(about4%). With this body dimension, I don't feel the need to deepen the body. It brings it to just about the size of my A-5. In the future, I may offer both the regular and large pattern two point.

So to answer your question. I want it to sound, like you want it to sound.

Thanks again,


Darryl Wolfe
Sep-29-2005, 3:33pm
could you post a front view pic of the two point, it looks amazing!
agree..let's see more of the 2-pt

Neil Dean
Sep-30-2005, 2:21pm
Darryl, I'd post more if I could but I shipped the instrument on Tuesday. It lives in Virginia now. The owner said that there may be a chance that they will be at IBMA.


G. Fisher
Sep-30-2005, 3:06pm
This is my two point that I got from Neil at Wintergrass.

Sep-30-2005, 4:08pm
Darryl, your contributions to this forum are immeasurable. I cannot count the number of photos of yours I have viewed. How can I deny your request?

The mandolin sounds just as Neil describes. It's warm, rich and even across all strings with great sustain. I am very pleased. This forum is the reason I was able to own this mandolin. Thanks to you all for a great community. Thank you Neil for a wonderful mandolin. Enjoy!


Sep-30-2005, 4:09pm

Sep-30-2005, 4:10pm

Sep-30-2005, 5:28pm
Very nice mandolin, what kind of case is that?

Baron Collins-Hill
Sep-30-2005, 9:45pm
NICE PICKGUARD! that two point is awesome. that blonde a is also possible my dream mandolin.


Baron Collins-Hill
Sep-30-2005, 9:47pm
by the way, your website is very well designed and put together.


Sep-30-2005, 10:14pm
That blonde is my dream mandolin also. I love the blonde mandos with the dark backs. MMMMM. One day I'll have him build me a L&H repro, but suited more for modern playing.

Oct-01-2005, 2:28am
Beautiful instrument, and I agree, that pickguard compliments the design extremely well. They are both beautiful, but if I had to make a choice, after a LOT of head scratching, I think I'd go with the blonde one, and that choice isn't easy. I'm normally not a huge fan of the two points, but this one might make me reconsider!


Oct-07-2005, 8:36am
Beautiful mandolins Neal,If you wouldn't mind how do you do your black finish.Thanks

Oct-07-2005, 6:38pm
Neil,sorry about the mispelling of your name,too early in the morning the fingers hadn't connected to the brain.

Larry S Sherman
Oct-07-2005, 9:37pm
I played the blonde at Rigelfest and it sounds as good as it looks. Neil is super nice too.


Neil Dean
Oct-11-2005, 9:16am
Sorry, I havn't checked this thread in a while.

Mike L. The case is an Eastman A case. They are not currently in production, which is too bad because they were pretty affordable, fairly rugged, and fit my two points quite well.

Rob. For a blackface, I usually hand stain first with a waterbase dye to get a base color. This way I don't have to spray as much color. Then I airbrush black shellac. Varnish it, french polish, and I'm done. (If it was only as simple as I just made that sound...)

Larry. I enjoyed chatting with you briefly at Rigelfest. Hope to see you there next year.

Thanks again everyone and I hope to see some of you at IBMA.


Oct-11-2005, 9:51am
I get to see my new (used) Neil Dean Two pointer in less than two hours when my friends step off the plane. I'm excited!


Oct-12-2005, 9:24am
We modified the f-style case to fit both A's and F's which is why that particular case has been discontinued. The new case is still available though,