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Scotti Adams
Sep-24-2005, 12:08pm
..just recieved this puppy today....great addition to The Rose...imppeccable workmanship....it gave a little boost in volume....bigger clarity in notes while still maintaining the big woody dry tone....I recommmend trying one..

Scotti Adams
Sep-24-2005, 12:09pm

Sep-24-2005, 12:21pm
Would you put the sound somewhere between the Loar bridge and a Red Henry maple bridge? I'd like to try something else on my Wiens but the maple brightness may be to much for me.


Sep-24-2005, 12:24pm
Good heavens Scotti,

I just love the wide grain in that fir top .

It looks like you are enjoying the "Tweaking " process. That saddle is a very nice addition.


Scotti Adams
Sep-24-2005, 12:29pm
..Yea B.Pat...Im loving the tweaking in process..although the Rose was fine as she was I just always wondered about these saddles and Im glad I got one. Frank..Its more of a Loar tone...great clarity..punch..power and warmth all rolled into one bridge...keep in mind that the saddle has an ivory insert...not a maple one.

Lane Pryce
Sep-25-2005, 7:21pm
I purchased a saddle with the ivory overlay from Kirk and used it an A40. It really cleaned up the tone quite abit,looked real nice too. Lp

Frank Russell
Sep-26-2005, 9:26am
Every mandolin I've tried one of Kurt Gisclair's ivory products on has benefitted from the addition. Those saddles seem to focus the sound without taking away anything from the chop or volume. Plus, Kurt is just excellent to do business with. Highly recommended. Frank

Sep-26-2005, 8:10pm
Hey Scotti
Can't wait to see #29.
I heard you moved.Are you and your band playing close by? Are those strings nickel?

Scotti Adams
Sep-27-2005, 6:22pm
Hi Dan...yea..I moved a couple of months ago to Sardinia, Ohio..its in Brown County...about 45 miles east of Cincy....yep..those are the Sam Bush Strings and sorry to say we arent playing close to Indiana..although we are playing in Blue Ash October 8th....

Sep-27-2005, 6:32pm
I've had one of Kurt's saddles too (sadly, it went with the mando when I sold it). I plan to get another one. I currently have a saddle that I trimmed down and then laminated a piece of bone to (the way Kurt does the fossil ivory). I like that better than just wood, but the fossil ivory sounded a little clearer/sharper without being harsh.

Sep-28-2005, 2:22pm
I just ordered a radiused fossil ivory saddle from Kurt. Its going on my Spicewood two point. I currently have it with the luthier to be fitted with a new bridge and saw Kurt's ad in the classifieds.

It'll be about a month but I'm looking forward to the affect this could have on this mandolins tone.

Its already a loud mandolin (almost too loud for me) and I've been using Sam's monels.

I'm hoping this will add some 'clarity' to the tone.

Anyway, its nice to come across this thread.