View Full Version : Wish Curtis Buckhannon a Happy 50th Birthday

John Flynn
Sep-24-2005, 8:46am
I got this from Curtis' wife today in an email entitled "SHHHHHH!!! surprise!!!! from Lucy"

HI John!

# #Today #(9/24) is Curt's 50th birthday!

# #If you are going to Off Broadway tonight, please razz him for me! The #Ill-Mo boys are playing there tonight, opening for someone else. If you aren't going, you can still razz him some other way!

Please pass this on to anyone you think might be interested !!!!!!!!!!

Please do not email me back about this!



The reason she did not want me to email back is that she was using Curt's account to email me.

So if anyone out there is a Curtis Buckhannon fan:

If you are in St. Louis, go see him at Off Broadway tonight and razz him about turning 50.

If you are not in St. Louis or can't go, send him an email at otmando@i4f.net. DON'T tell him how you found out! Let's keep him guessing!

John Flynn
Sep-24-2005, 9:06am
BTW, the Ill-Mo Boys are opening for Chris Sharp and David Long at Off Broadway, so there's lots of mando content at that venue tonight!

Sep-24-2005, 9:55am
Oooooooooo.... now I'm jealous, Johnny!

Thanks for the news about Curt's Birthday!