View Full Version : Hilburn #36

Sep-22-2005, 1:01pm
Beautiful! Are we going to get to see more? The quilt, for example.


Jim Hilburn
Sep-22-2005, 1:06pm
I accidently posted the wrong picture and have no idea how to remove or change it, so I'll do the right one here.

Sep-22-2005, 1:09pm
If it sounds as good as it looks it must be pretty special. Can we see a pic of the back and the rest of it?

Jim Hilburn
Sep-22-2005, 1:10pm
Here's that quilt.

Jonathan James
Sep-22-2005, 1:18pm
Great work, as usual, Jim!

Jim Hilburn
Sep-22-2005, 1:21pm
So after I got this rolling the delete key showed up on the first post with the wrong pic so I deleted it. That's why things are so mixed up.
Anyway, the message in that deleted post was that while I started this mandolin to use up rest of the quilt I got from Spruce, it seems to have turned into one of the best sounding mandolins I've made. In the builders section is a thread that follows the application of the finish which is a new waterbased lacquer. I believe there's quite a bit of evidence that it gives a more varnish-like finish that's even tougher than lacquer and is as easy to apply as lacquer.
Here's the peghead.

Sep-22-2005, 1:35pm
Perfection as usual Jim! The waterborne finish looks great.

Sep-22-2005, 1:42pm
Great quilt!

Lane Pryce
Sep-22-2005, 4:59pm
Stunning work.Jim your skill for the craft of mandolin making is astonishing.I really enjoy seeing the pics you post here on the cafe.By the way how hard is nice quilted maple to come by? Lp

Jim Hilburn
Sep-22-2005, 5:40pm
Lane, if you got the money, they got the quilt. Bruce Harvie at Orcas Island Tonewoods deals in it regularly and there's a seller on E-Bay called Buzzsaw International that always has some killer quilt with a price to match.

Coy Wylie
Sep-22-2005, 6:06pm

I regret I missed you at Winfield last week. I sure would have enjoyed meeting you and seeing and playing your mandos. I hope to see you next year. Beautiful work.

Jim Roberts
Sep-22-2005, 6:21pm
Wait until you see the quilt on the back of the custom washboard Jim is building!

Beautiful craftsmanship, Jim!

Coy Wylie
Sep-22-2005, 8:04pm
Will it be posted on www.washboardcafe.net?

Jim Roberts
Sep-22-2005, 10:33pm
I know the lucky guy who's going to get this mandolin and it will be in great hands. Wish it would have been ready to display and test drive at Winfield, Jim. Next year!!!

Sep-22-2005, 10:38pm
Great looking box. The back is incredible...know that's not so much the builder but it's still nice. Love the lines on the headstock and on the fretboard. Nice variation to the norm.

Sep-23-2005, 10:29am
Jim - do we have to get a restraining order on you?