View Full Version : Arbuckle Mountain Bluegrass Show

Sep-18-2005, 8:10pm
Went to this festival on Saturday afternoon and as usual had a great time. Although I didn't get to jam much, I took my 15 month old daugther, it was still great to see friends and family.

I also met a fellow mandolin cafer and had some good conversation. I apologize for not remembering names, but the boss had my attention most of the day.

Did anyone else make it to any part of the festival?

Sep-28-2005, 7:45am
Hey Ron...i'll agree it was a great festival. Met some great people and had some fine pickin'. I even got invited to a jam later on in the week and had a great time. Shoot, I didn't even know they had bluegrass in Oklahoma http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/biggrin.gif

Sep-28-2005, 10:46am
Hey Steve. I was hoping that you would see this an post. Sorry that I didn't get to say bye, but the wee lil' one was getting tired and fussy. I was great to get to talk with a fellow cafe member. The Boggy River Boys are great guys to pick with, I love hanging out with them.