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Coy Wylie
Sep-16-2005, 11:23am
I arrived mid-morning on Thursday and we picked until 4:00 a.m. this morning. Whew it's muddy and cold. They had an inch and a half of rain on Wednesday and it was in the high 50's last night while we were picking. Tops were expanding with the humidity and tuning went sharp.

Goose (Goose 2) and I spent an hour at the Mass Street booth last night picking everything in sight. Collings MT A & F; The standard 5 & varnish 5 as well as a trade-in Bill Monroe sig Gibby. The standard Collings 5 was the clear winner. It had been played more than the varnish model so that may factor in.

Here are some
pictures (http://www.hiddenfallsranch.com/kw/winfield) from the "pick'n parlor."

Sep-16-2005, 11:48am
Thanks for the report, keep 'em coming.

Cold and rainy - perfect for pickin http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/biggrin.gif

Sep-17-2005, 10:52pm
Ok, Just got home...I could only go on Friday...I was coming home from Alabama and took a little detour...and man, what a show. I caught all of the mandolin contest. It was really good. I was surprised at the top three. I thought the third place man won. The other two played more of a classical mandolin. They were good, but I thought the girl didn't get much volume and was timid. The man who won was really good but he messed up once and got out of time...but I guess the booth that only hears the mando and doesn't see anything must not have been able to tell that it wasn't a planned pause. Also, he had pick click pretty bad on his first song for about 30-40 seconds until he got into the rythm. I am a rookie and don't mean to be critical...they could all blow me away in their sleep...I just thought that the order was off. There was another man who messed up his timing once but his bluegrass and blues style was awesome...I thought he was second. Then there was a young boy that got 5th...I had him at third...I loved the music and I especially liked that he looked at the crowd, was smiling, happy and had fun. He will win soon. I just don't get it...isn't it a bluegrass festival...then why did two people playing classical place first and second...am I missing something.

The bands were really good...I stayed on the move all day...with the exception of the mando contest. I tried to hit as many groups as I could. I would go to one for 15 minutes, then move to the next, then the next. It was great. The food was great. The people were great.

I was blown away by how many people were there. There were campers as far as the eye could see. I lived in Winfield when I was a child. My brother was born there. We left when I was in the first grade so I don't remember much. But, I do remember going to the camp grounds and watching chariot races...there was no track there any more. I also remember going to the fair...my dad was the preacher at the church of Christ. We ran a booth at the fair that had a Q&A electronic Bible study monitor. I played drums for the first time in Winfield...of course it wasn't any good, now I have a set of drums, a bass guitar, an acoustic guitar, two electric guitars, an A mandolin, an F mandolin, a keyboard, and a juice harp.

I had a great time. I am going to see what I can do about going to the whole thing next year. I have two weeks of vacation...one is going to be to go to the bluegrass camp at South Plains college...I might take the second to go to Winfield...two bluegrass vacations...yep, I've got it bad.

Loved the festival and if I could figure out how to do it, I would put up pictures. I also have pictures or the Claremore Festival (I hit it on the way too Alabama...in a round about way).

Hope everyone else had a great time...it looks like rain for them...hope everyone has a great time.

I forgot how it cools off soooo much at night in Kansas. I should have taken a jacket. Here in Odessa, it was 107 today and it is now 93 at 10:30 pm. Anyway....hope to hear from others.

Sep-19-2005, 6:18am
So, who were the 1,2,3 finishers in the mando contest? Can't seem to find a web-site.

Mark Robertson-Tessi
Sep-19-2005, 10:30am
1st was Jason Nelson
2nd was Rebecca Lovell
3rd was Scott Pearson

The other two in the top 5 were Matt Raum and Brian Roe.

I agree completely. #I had them like you for the top five. #I thought they were all good players, but Jason, the guy who won, had some obvious trouble spots with rhythm and some wrong notes and unclean areas (alot of good stuff too, but...). #Rebecca, the girl in second, played some thile pieces note for note, and played them pretty well, but she had anemic tone. #I was surprised at her place since supposedly 40 percent of the score is based on your arrangement, including originality. I would want to see her play something of her own.

Scott nailed his pieces and Matt and Brian played great, so I thought they would have been top three. #Still you never know what the judges will look for. #Last year no one in the top five was Thile influenced, so maybe they favor different styles in different years.

The festival was as always a blast. #Saturday night I had the pleasure of jamming with Matt Raum, Matt Arcara, and Matt Lindsey (3 Matts!) in the pecan grove until some ungodly hour. #Good times.

Mark R-T

Nathan Sanders
Sep-19-2005, 11:33am
Winfield Web Site (http://www.wvfest.com/)

Coy Wylie
Sep-19-2005, 11:34am
Home again. I had a great time too. A highlight was a long jam with Byron Berline at the pickin' parlor on Saturday night. I agree with the sentiments already expressed about the mando contest. I didn't stay for the whole contest but heard the finals and I would have picked Scott Pearson to win easily.

In addition to the mandos I mentioned at the top of this post, other notables were a Doyle Lawson Sig, a Lewis, and a Triggs. I rate them in that order. The DL had that traditional tone I love. The Lewis was great but sounded more like a Weber, albit a Weber on steriods. The Triggs was beautiful but I didn't like it's tone as much as some others. In all fairness I played it in loud vendors area and that made it hard to really judge fairly.

Jim Roberts
Sep-19-2005, 2:28pm
"Twas a great time indeed. #Jim Hillburn and I were relaxing with a cold one listening to a great jam at our campsite when a guy with a washboard showed up and joined in. #Jim and I discussed establishing a new web-site #called "Washboard Cafe." #For those who don't want to spend the time it takes to be a musician!

One of the highlights for me was jamming at Camp Avalon with four wonderful ladies who live in Winfield. #All four played the mandolin and we spent a few hours working on O'Carolan duets as well as a number of fiddle tunes.

Got to play the mandolin Jim Hillburn built for Drew (Chack) Horton and it's a real fine instrument. #Drew can rally bring out the tone...especially on those swing jazz tunes!

Dave Schimming
Sep-19-2005, 8:17pm
Got back Sunday afternoon after 10 days and 9 nights. Had some great experiences, including participating in the 1st annual "Dave Jam" (if your name was Dave, including one "Davida", you were eligible to participate) at Stage 5 Wednesday afternoon. Thanks to Pickle Pickers Camp members Jim, Sue & Larry for stopping by Camp Brigadoon early in the festival and jamming. I also had the pleasure of jamming at the Pickle Camp a few nights later. The Pickle Pickers cook a fine "fried pickle".
I notice each year I spend a little less time at the main area listening to the paid acts and spend more time in the camp areas jamming & visting with old and new friends.

Coy Wylie
Sep-19-2005, 9:04pm
I got this today in an email from a Winfield buddy:


10. You turn on the radio and are puzzled because you don't know any of the
performers you hear.

9. You feel disappointed because the turnpike convenience store doesn't
have CDs by John McCutcheon or Tommy Emmanuel.

8. As you pass an RV on the highway, you wonder what happened to its
parking sticker.

7. You start talking with people who actually support President Bush and
his policies.

6. You bring your air pump up to your bedroom, expecting to have to top up
the mattress.

5. You leave your house after dinner and wonder why you don't hear music.

4. When you wake up in the middle of the night to answer nature's call, you
start getting dressed.

3. When you go shopping for dinner, you automatically look for the
brisket-sandwich trailer.

2. You wonder what those handle-like things are on the potties.

And, the Number One sign that you've left the Walnut Valley Festival:

You start thinking about getting ready to go to Winfield.

Karen Kay
Sep-19-2005, 9:48pm
One extra: you don't have to unzip your bedroom door.
Got home yesterday after 2 weeks!

Jim Roberts
Sep-19-2005, 10:11pm
Another extra: #You don't get to have Bailey's Irish Cream in your coffee every morning!

goose 2
Sep-20-2005, 1:40am
Hey Jim,

After our meeting near the Deering booth, I went looking for camp Avalon Friday night but somewhere deep in the bowels of the Pecan Grove I got myself confused or distracted or lost or something and never got there. Man I really wanted to give that Brentrup a whirl. Oh well, maybe next year. If you make down Texas way, give me a call.


goose 2
Sep-20-2005, 1:47am
Oh, and Karen, TWO WEEKS?!?!?!?!?! That sounds fantastic but I think I would have organ failure by then. I mean, how many days in a row can you eat a cajun sausage pita and actually live? Maybe you should go in for check up.

Jim Downs
Sep-20-2005, 2:07am
:cool: Arrived late Sunday night, blocked in and couldn't leave until late in the afternoon. Wow what a week, I would jam at our Pickle Camp, playing bass, and then grab my mando and hit the road jammin' with whoever was playing. Even had some great street jams which dosen't happen often. Almost always ruined by some stoner playing a five string guitar, singing some song nobody has ever heard, in a yet to be determined key. But once in a while you hit a good one and you can pack the street with people until nobody can walk by. I am still amazed at the number of quality pickers at Winfield, sure there are some bad ones, and always the learners, but you can't go very far with out finding a real good picker, and I mean real good. Thanks to the Brigadoon Camp, and the Thistledew Camp, Sue and I have made new friends again, THAT'S WHAT WINFIELD'S ALL ABOUT. Can't wait to go back, 363 days to go!!!

Karen Kay
Sep-20-2005, 9:14am
Goose 2
Believe it or not 2 weeks is not that early anymore. #There is the Land Rush for people to get their camp sites but now-a-days people are in line a week before that! #So I got there for the pre-pre line up. #Folks like Bill Davis who live around Winfield, leave their campers and stuff then drive back and forth to Winfield. #Being there like that gives you the chance to woodshed and get "into the experience". #Some people leave before the actual fest. The Bat Camp was happinin' like usual this year. Right on the road from the main enterence so we get a lot of drop in traffic. #Mackie Redd and Roy Culbertson (past song writing winners) Todd Hallawell (past finger pick winner) Scott Schmidt (past mandolin winner) are some of the ususal supects. Too much! #Plus we are just a hoot and holler from the Carp Camp and the old Metaphysical Camp (Where no answer goes unquestioned). I'm already making plans for next year!

Jim Hilburn
Sep-20-2005, 9:41am
It's hard to explain what it's like to those who haven't been there before. I've heard that they start lining up for land rush a month in advance.
When you're a late-comer like me, only getting there on Tuesday, you would swear the whole thing had been there all year and you were just coming back to it. There a certain landmarks that are always in the same spot every year. Not just whole camps, but RV's and tents. I have a path to the porta-potties that I could do with my eyes closed year after year.
Take Russell's camp,for instance. Their thing is 2 large tee-pee's and a huge meat smoker. They bring their own san-o-let. Jim Robert's always brings some meat and puts it on their smoker, then shares it with Camp Avalon. That's one of my fondest memories.