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Sep-15-2005, 8:07pm
Here are a bunch of photos of my new Heiden mandolin. #It is a beauty. #Engelmann top with red maple back, sides and neck.

Sep-15-2005, 8:11pm
The ebony abbrevated pick guard

Sep-15-2005, 8:15pm
It is a vintage brown with a single black binding on the top and back

Sep-15-2005, 8:16pm

Sep-15-2005, 8:18pm
The scroll

Sep-15-2005, 8:20pm
The headstock

Sep-15-2005, 8:21pm
And finally the back

Steve Cantrell
Sep-15-2005, 8:21pm
Good grief, Craig! That mando is a beauty.

Sep-16-2005, 5:16am
Very graceful and understated. Like an F9 plus.

doc holiday
Sep-16-2005, 8:53am
She's a beauty Craig! My lefty w/ pics posted in this forum is #82. I've heard # 76 twice in the last month. Michael Heiden keeps turning out such beautiful work. A friend of mine has #21 which I think was made in '95 or '96.
You sure picked some elegant understated features!
Best Regards
http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/coffee.gif Doc

Sep-16-2005, 9:42am
Usually I find that mandolins without binding on the neck and headstock seem to look a little "cheap". #This is a notable exeception. #Hat's off to Michael Heiden again for this one and the lefty!

There also appears to be a visably noticable radius to the fingerboard - what is the measurement?

Very nice indeed!

Sep-16-2005, 9:52am
Love the tonewood grain and medulary rays. Very beautiful.

Sep-16-2005, 10:43am
Classy to the max

Pete Braccio
Sep-16-2005, 10:45am
Hey Craig,

This is the first mandolin that I have showed my wife that she actually said "Wow, that's cool". Since I've been showing her pictures of mandos for a couple of years, that says alot.

Needless to say, I agree with her totally on this. This has got to be one of the most elegant mandolins I've ever seen.

So, is that a small strip of black binding around the body?


Sep-16-2005, 11:16am
Thanks for the nice comments. This mandolin was a wedding present from my wife. #She and I spent many hours talking about how we wanted it to look. #When it was ordered we sent Michael a very detailed list of aesthetic appointments - and he far exceed our expectations. #I had originally asked for an unbound back, but in the 11th hour of construction Michael convinced me that binding on the back was essential, and I am glad that he did. The binding is very thin and black (it almost disappears with the dark finish). The neck, headstock and pickguard are unbound. #The only inlay is the "Heiden" script. The finish has much more depth than these photographs show. It is an oil varnish with a spirit varnish top coat. I have spent many hours just looking at it under a light. Michael summed it up best "elegant and austere". I was fortunate enought to play multiple Heiden's before we ordered this. #Our good friend Andrew Collins owns an older F style (1996?)with an Adirondack spruce top (I think?), and a new A with an Engelmann top - both are truely wonderful instruments. #He also had a A model as a loaner while his F was with Michael getting some repairs that I was fortunate enought to test drive. #I really wanted Michael to emulate the tone of Andrew's A, and the feel of his F. # Andrew's F has an extreme radius on the fretboard (I believe that Rieschman's mando is the same). #I simply asked Micheal for a decent radius, but not as extreme as Andrew's (so I don't know the measurements). #I love the tone of this instrument. #It is very brilliant and responsive to light touches. #The volume was loud right out of the box, and the bass is increasing daily. #This is it for me. #Michael has built the mandolin of my dreams, and I commend him for that.

Sep-16-2005, 11:33am
Congrats!!! I've been enjoying my Heiden "Heritage" model
I took possession of at Wgrass last year. I'm sure you will
enjoy the break-in process, as the mando develops its mature voice......mine keeps getting mo betta!

Sep-16-2005, 12:20pm

I am delighted to see pictures of your new mandolin--it is very elegant and understated, which to me says class. I can't wait to hook up in the future and hear it!

Lane Pryce
Sep-16-2005, 12:57pm
Wow that is a very nice mandolin and a world class wife too!! I know you are extremely proud of both. Lp

Cary Fagan
Sep-16-2005, 3:32pm
Hi Craig,
A truly beautiful mandolin. Have we met? I'm a friend/former student of Andrew's as well. I'm awful with names but I think we met at the Dominion. I'm wondering how long you had to wait for your Heiden. The Englemann has a beautiful sound.
Enjoy it!

Sep-16-2005, 11:24pm
Truly an awesome instrument built out of just as impressive wood. The wood in that soundboard (as well as the back) is a knockout!


Sep-17-2005, 3:52pm
A stealth Heiden......understated & elegant!!!

Rick Crenshaw
Sep-17-2005, 6:06pm
That truly is one of the most beautiful mandolins I have ever seen. Hhmmm... wonder if I should finish mine somewhat like that? Well, you have to have very good skills to pull that type of look off. Done poorly it would look like a cheap mando. The workmanship on that Heiden is just emphasized by its understated beauty. Elegant is the best description I can think of.

doc holiday
Sep-17-2005, 7:02pm
On the topic of "stealth" mandos, I know Emory Lester has a black-face Heiden F. #I saw it in Michael's #paint booth #a year ago. #Has any one down East heard Emory playing it?

Re: Andrew Collins "A" style, I saw it strung up on the bench 2 days before he got it. #He walked on stage at the Chilliwack bluegrass festival 2 minutes after he got it & it just sparkled. #I think the Engleman really suits his jazzy style.

Happy Pickin'

Sep-18-2005, 1:18pm
(Larry B's) blond Heiden F that he had with him at the "Heidenfest" in June was the most impressive mandolin I have ever played or otherwise had the pleasure of holding. It has the most amazing voice, it just leaped out at you. Mr. Heiden is one talented fella, and a nice guy to boot.

Sep-19-2005, 5:18pm
Andrew's A style Heiden is indeed a great instrument. #You don't see him playing his F style much these days. His new album is absolutely fantastic, and really highlights his "jazzy" style (and his great Heiden mandolins). #You can listen to it here (http://cdbaby.com/cd/andrew2). Track 3 is named after my son Pendleton.
I have not seen Emory's new Heiden. #Last time I saw him he was playing that beauty Ludewig "stealth" mandolin.

Sep-19-2005, 6:51pm
Number 68

Sep-19-2005, 6:55pm
Solar powered mass distraction...

Jonathan James
Sep-19-2005, 7:22pm

Sep-20-2005, 1:43pm
Hey 8strings
What is the date on #68? I love the dramatic burst.

Sep-20-2005, 6:22pm
My mandolin was completed and 'signed' in September 2003. It truly is one of my most cherrished possessions. With everything that is going on in the world right now, it is great to just disappear with it somewhere for some hours to pay homage to 'Old Joe Clark', 'Wayfaring Strangers', the 'Cherokee Lady' and to finally watch the 'Blue Moon of Kentucky' rise on the horizon of this part of the world.

Sep-23-2005, 1:51am
Nice new mandolin there--congratulations!

Since my blond Heiden F was kindly mentioned in an earlier post, I thought I'd mention that you can see lots of pictures during construction and after completion, and take the audio quiz to see if you can discern whether John Reischman is playing his Loar or my (at the time brand new) Heiden!

www.lpb.com/mando/heiden (http://www.lpb.com/mando/heiden)



Oct-08-2005, 3:34am
Bed Time .....

Oct-08-2005, 3:36am

Oct-08-2005, 9:41pm
Not to bring thoughts of Dale back into the forum, but where are the dots?

Oct-09-2005, 9:53am
What happened to the full frontal view?

Kevin K
Nov-16-2006, 12:44pm
Yes lets see a full picture.

Nov-17-2006, 3:53pm
Taking photos of a mandolin is not as easy as one would think. #I have a new found respect for the fantastic photos that guys like Dan B. and many of the builders post. As requested - full frontal view:

Nov-17-2006, 3:56pm
That was much bigger than I had anticipated.

Nov-17-2006, 4:04pm
Fine looking mando's all. Esp. your's Craig.


Kevin K
Nov-17-2006, 4:53pm
Yessirree, very nice.

Dec-29-2006, 8:52am

What type of finish is the hardware, nickel or silver plated?

Dec-29-2006, 9:44am
Speaking of stealth mandolins I would be tempted to replace the screws that hold the tuner buttons with black ones- anodized, or otherwise coated to make them less noticeable

Mark Walker
Dec-29-2006, 10:04am
Forgive my ignorance, but I guess I never paid attention to 'numeric designations' on similar looking instruments before. #(I mean, I know an F4 has the shape of an F5 but has an oval hole, and A3's have an oval hole while other A's have F-hole cutouts...)

What differentiates an F9 from an F5? #It looks - at least to my untrained eyes - to have the same shape as an F5.


Bill Snyder
Dec-29-2006, 10:17am
What differentiates an F9 from an F5? #It looks - at least to my untrained eyes - to have the same shape as an F5.

The trim level is the main difference. Same moulds are used. Same shape. Less ornamentation.

Mark Walker
Dec-29-2006, 10:37am
Thanks Bill! http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/smile.gif

Jan-02-2007, 11:21am
Hey Randy
I think that the tailpiece is nickel plated. The tuners are made by Waverly. I believe they call them "Antique Silver", but would be suprised if they actually had silver in them. Because silver is such a fast oxidizer, and is much softer than nickel, most "silver" mandolin hardware is likely nickel plated.