View Full Version : Tuner Flat Head Cog Screws-Found a source!

Apr-22-2021, 1:34pm

After years of searching I finally located a source for the small flat head slotted steel screws used in the old Waverly and Handel tuners. These are new old-stock and have the correct special thread. The screws has a way of getting lost or buggered up over the years so I was happy to find them. They have a natural finish, not zinc or nickel plated so fit exactly and look correct. Some of the tuner screws have a slightly blued finish so check what you need. The photo shows one in the cog so you check the fit and color.

Contact me by pm if you need any. If there is enough interest I’ll place an ad in the classified section.



Apr-22-2021, 3:31pm
This thread about a Martin mandolin with Waverly tuners would be worth posting a link on as the owner was missing these screws. It is a recent thread and if you post a link to this or repeat your top post, he might respond. I had suggested he looked for an old set of Waverly tuners to acquire the screws.


Apr-22-2021, 4:56pm
Thanks Nick, I posted a link in the other thread.

BTW these are not the common hardware store #4-40 screws, they are #4 screws with a special machine thread.


Apr-26-2021, 9:30pm
I had several inquiries about these screws so...

If these will help out some a cafe members I just placed an add for these 4-36 screws in the classifieds.
I have a very limited number and doubt I’ll be able to find more of this new old-stock so act now if you need any.