View Full Version : Mandola tuning/string question. #Nu-Be

Mar-15-2004, 10:25pm

I want to learn a Wayne Benson song, John and Mary.

Should change string gauges for the GCGC open tuning on my mandola? I'm guessing so. #

If so, can someone enlighten me as to what gauges to use?



Mar-17-2004, 3:54pm
Normally that type of "fifths" tuning is done CGCg. Not knowing your scale length of type of strings you're using, I couldn't even guess how you would get that to work but, that is a more "normal" type of alternate tuning. I had to look at what you'd posted a few times before I caught what you were asking about.

Niles Hokkanen's book, Mandola Sampler has a few pages on this tuning and the associated AEAe tuning.