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Feb-08-2021, 10:36pm
Hi folks, I just replaced strings on my 1949 Framus Black Rose Baby Deluxe mandolin, and as I approached, but not yet reached, pitch on one of the A strings, I still was a-crankin' and the string remained flat. Looks like one of the ornate buttons is stripping. Obviously, replacing is not an option because these tuners are original and rare191878. I'm not conversant in tuner anatomy, but I assume that it is a square shaft and likely a square hole in the button that has worn away and rounded. Is that right?

What to do? First, any suggestions for removing the button? After I remove it, is epoxy a way to go? (these are screwless unlike modern tuners) Any other options? Thanks in advance for any and all wisdom about this.


poul hansen
Feb-09-2021, 3:16am
If it's rounded, you should be able to just pull it off but that might not be necessary. If you drip some thin superglue(cyano arylate) down the hole, it will wick into every space between the button and the axle. Keep putting a drop at a time until it doesn't disappear any longer, then leave horisontal for 24 hours. Any surplus can be dried of instantly, dried surplus can be cut of with an exacto knife.

Feb-09-2021, 6:27am
Yes, thin super glue with a long applicator to apply down the shaft into the button. Mask off or promptly wipe off any glue that drips onto the button. I had to do this on a new set of Golden Age tuners that were rattling a little.

Feb-09-2021, 7:34am
Remove the tuners from the mandolin if you're going to attempt the repair as described. I wouldn't assume the shaft was square and many modern tuners don't have screws holding the buttons.

Feb-09-2021, 11:40am
Thanks, everyone, for the super-sage, superglue advice. I'll get right on it. Michael

j. condino
Feb-22-2021, 4:26pm
Tilt the mandolin such that gravity causes all of the glue to go downhill towards the button and away from the headstock rather than flow towards the gears.

Feb-22-2021, 9:30pm
Sage advice. Every time I think I can short cut something like this I get burned.