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Sep-09-2005, 3:59pm
Finally finished the mandolin. The crowning touch was installing the beautiful tortoise pickguard by Cumberland Acoustic.

Sep-09-2005, 4:06pm

Sep-09-2005, 4:07pm
Instrument features such "period" touches as large position markers, 3/32" tortoise side dots (turned them from some .090" binding), black plastic T/R cover, thinned down binding on fingerboard, pearl nut, and ivoroid buttons.

Sep-09-2005, 4:08pm

Sep-09-2005, 4:16pm
Tuners are "aged" Gotohs treated with P/C board etchant, stained ivoroid buttons, and eyelets...make them work just like the old F-4 tuners. Am considering switching to Schaller bushings.

Sep-09-2005, 4:22pm
Wow! That is incredibly beautiful. I love the abbreviated torch - actually like it better than the "full torch"....less busy. Somebody's gonna be a lucky mandolin picker!

Sep-09-2005, 4:30pm
That's beautfiul, Hans. Will we have the privilege of seeing that (or one of your other F4's) at IBMA?


Sep-09-2005, 4:34pm
As close as I could come to the original rosette...has the holly next to the herrinbone. Only difference is that there are more herringbone's than the originals.

Sep-09-2005, 4:35pm
Thanks guys! I should have both the 4C and 22V at IBMA.

Sep-09-2005, 4:52pm
Incredible looking instrument!

Loren Bailey
Sep-09-2005, 4:58pm

Sep-09-2005, 5:23pm
just when you thought it was safe to look on-line.

Jim M.
Sep-09-2005, 5:42pm
just when you thought it was safe to look on-line.
Mary - You mean that one isn't already yours? What would that be, #4 for you? http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/biggrin.gif

Chris Baird
Sep-09-2005, 5:43pm
Looks fantastic, sure do hope to play one someday.

Sep-09-2005, 5:55pm
HOLY COW BATMAN! #That is overthetop!

Is it just an optical illusion (or poor eyesight), but is that fingerboard wider than that of a "standard" F-5?

Professor PT
Sep-09-2005, 7:30pm
Please stop making such beautiful mandolins...I mean it: just stop, for the love of God!

Tom C
Sep-09-2005, 8:01pm
That is the nicest looking mando I've seen on this board in the few years I've been on it. That is everything I ever wanted in an F4. -but can't afford after 2 paycuts and a 50% paycut in the form of a loan. but if all works out, I will take one of each of every type of mando you've built.
-Going out to pick -to forget I ever saw this one.

Sep-09-2005, 8:41pm
no, jim, this is not mine......(i believe hans made this for himself).....although i am seriously considering something like it. but that would make it #5.

Sep-09-2005, 10:08pm

Sep-10-2005, 3:00pm
Pete, the fingerboard is slightly wider than an F-5 and slightly narrower than an F-4...it's 1-5/32" at the nut, and 1-9/16" at the 12th fret.

Sep-10-2005, 3:32pm
Me like very much so http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/biggrin.gif

Dale Ludewig
Sep-11-2005, 11:18am
I had the pleasure of seeing and playing this baby the Saturday before Labor Day while visiting with Hans. It is even more impressive in person than the pictures can show. Just a beautiful thing. Plus it doesn't sound too bad either. <g> And Hans, glad Steve got the pickguard there! Finishes it off just poifectly.