View Full Version : Choosing replacement tailpiece 1930s double bump Harmony--help!

craig jaster
Jan-03-2021, 10:42am
The cheap, not attractive, but original, I believe, tailpiece broke. I want to replace it with something elegant, appropriate, vintage, that won't decrease the value of the mandolin, either. Complication: I live in Florence, Italy. What would you do? Thank you!

Charles E.
Jan-03-2021, 11:07am
You might look at this....

https://www.ebay.com/itm/VINTAGE-MANDOLIN-TAILPIECE-ENGRAVED-EARLY-1900S/254819643319?hash=item3b546f2fb7:g:ZFYAAOSwTu9f353 2

The seller ships world wide.

Jan-03-2021, 2:35pm
Thats a fine Harmony mandolin you have there... also known as a "Shutt" mandolin ... it was designed by Albert Shutt of Topeka Kansas for W.J.F. Schultz of the Harmony Company to be produced by same, back in 1914....lots more info here provided by Gregg Miner who is curator of HarpGuitars.net ..

BTW ...I may be able to help you with a exact replacement if that is something you are interested in..

Jan-03-2021, 4:48pm
I have bought three of those wider covers on eBay- one quite recently- they are out there as Kay used them into the 1960s. The engraved example already highlighted above would be a very nice addition to your mandolin. You may have to adjust the cover a little to make it fit as they were made in slightly different sizes but it is easy to open up or close the cover where it fits on the tailpiece. I have bought quite a few bits from Clark Music, who is selling that tailpiece and I am in the UK. If you do not want the engraved tailpiece cover and monitor eBay you will find one over time- it is my belief that the bigger "wrist rest" covers like yours are less sought after it seems although the more recent examples have a less curved part that fits the tailpiece and that might be problematic.

Jan-03-2021, 4:53pm
Just a thought....could a local jeweler fix it? Strong enough? There should be plenty of very talented fine metal craftsmen in that neighborhood.