View Full Version : Tab for two Celtic Tunes

Mar-15-2004, 6:08pm


I am looking for tab for two Celtic tunes:

1. Yellow on the Broom

2. Bonnie Bessie Logan

I have tried the Celtic Message Board. #

Any help gratefully received.

Mar-18-2004, 11:36am
Where have you looked Colin? I have several sites with celtic tunes, however, I do not remember seeing those tunes. They are new too me. Are they reels, jigs, slip jigs, masurkas...etc. I have a couple of resources that might help if I knew a little more about the tunes.


Mar-18-2004, 2:20pm
Hi Harlan

I have tried every site that I can find that offers tab or ABC. #One site did have Yellow on the Broom marked with tune. #However, when I clicked on the address only the words were available.

To be honest I am not sure how to clsassify either. #Both are slow to moderate tunes.


Mar-18-2004, 7:32pm

I have had no luck either, I spent the afternoon looking also. If you have any luck finding them, after having searched high and low, I would like to hear them.

The good thing that came out of my search is that I learned how to import and print ABC in Tabledit to Notation. Man, that opened doors I had never thought of.

So, in a way, thanks for posting your question, even though I am of no help, you definetly helped me.