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Sep-06-2005, 4:53pm
Just caught Otis Taylor at the Thirsty Ear festival near Santa Fe this past weekend. He has an electric mando player in his band and he alternates between guitar and elect. mandolin to deliver his brand of blues. It was great to see dual electric mandos up on stage and the crowd dancing up a storm (it actually did begin to rain during the set). Highly recommend checking him out live as well as his cd, "Double V".

Sep-07-2005, 7:17am
First a pro bowl wide receiver for the Kansas City Chiefs and now a first rate musician. Who'd a thunk it?


Sep-07-2005, 9:57am
Actually, I read where Otis is a former road-bike racer from Boulder/Denver.

Sep-10-2005, 3:43pm
Thanks for the recommendation. I had never heard of Otis before and was looking for some Blues emando stuff. I went to Best Buy yesterday and they had his latest album "Below the Fold". Decent album, but only one mando song. I hate to admit it but the first song was pretty cool (it featured a banjo riff). I plan to look for "Double V".

Sep-12-2005, 12:37am
That's interesting. I haven't seen Otis Taylor in about 30 years (the musician, not the athlete!!). When he played at Rosas regularly in Chicago, I never remember him with a mando. I want to hear that CD.

Sep-12-2005, 8:39am
That's my buddy Nick Amodao (sp?) on mando. Originally from Des Moines, now living in Denver, working at the folklore center. He won the rockygrass mando contest this year. Great player.