View Full Version : Giuseppe Scanga, ca. 1900 builder/repair in New Jersey

Dec-01-2020, 11:33pm
Does anyone have any data on a builder/repairer in New Jersey named Giuseppe Scanga?
His address was 336 Palisade Avenue. It may have been in Jersey City but I cannot read the label.

Dec-02-2020, 11:11am
Palisades Avenue runs from Fort Lee NJ to Jersey City, going through several towns along the way. Jersey City is the biggest of them and the one with the most commercial/industrial activity and thus the most likely. I hope that Helps.

Jim Garber
Dec-02-2020, 5:26pm
Hambonepicker: You obviously have an instrument with this label in it—or do you just have a photo? Can you post some images of what you have?

The only thing I could find is an online 1918 Hoboken, NJ city directory with this listing at that address. They have his occupation as porter. Maybe he was an amateur maker or later realized that instrument-making was not adequate to support his family?


Jim Garber
Dec-02-2020, 8:33pm
Here's 336 Palisade Ave in Hoboken, NJ, these days.