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Sep-03-2005, 2:05pm
Getting ready to begin the journey-
I would like to see the completed peghead designs from all
of you creative thinkers in anticipation of doing my own soon. Thanks

Sep-06-2005, 9:45pm
Ok I finally have a pic of my peghead shape. I dont have a digital camera yet but I just got some pictures taken of the other stuff that I've done.

The peghead still needs some work smoothing the cut a little more but you can get the idea.

Sep-07-2005, 2:08am
Mine, including burr veneer overlay:

Oct-30-2005, 11:47am
only minor reshaping of peghead...

May-10-2006, 3:30pm
Hoping this is the right place to post…. Bound to be other IV Head Stock examples out there too…with or without binding.

I ended up doing most of the work on the top of this HS with a chisel trying to square everything up. I modified a template of a Gibson Super 400 to fit the IV kit HS. I used a coping saw and tried to keep the cut at 90 degrees to the face - managed to hack into the general vicinity. Then it was a matter of chipping away the larger chunks with a chisel and finally scrapping w/the backside of the chisel blade to the final shape. I found that the blade wants to chatter over the end grain - less so when it's "scary" sharp - and had to pay attention to the blade/wood angle in the changing curves. It took some time (much of it a learning effort) but it left the surface very smooth. Found it a difficult area to sand by hand and noted that dyes absorbed into it like a sponge. I think I'm starting to gain a greater appreciation for the effort it takes to execute a good "F" style HS & scroll.

Oh no! I just realized that I not only need a Band Saw but an oscillating Spindle Sander too:)

May-10-2006, 3:34pm
The logo is a stylized “PC” in MOP and silver wire. I did replace the rosewood veneer with ebony & it still needs a truss rod cover.

Back side of headstock too......


May-12-2006, 9:11am
This is mine. I steamed the veneer off of it so I could put some ebony veneer on it.