View Full Version : Downey area of Southern California?

Sep-01-2005, 1:04am
Hey there. Wondering if there are any mandolin players in my area who might want to get together to play? I am relatively new to the instrument and think it would be great fun (and a good learning experience) to play with others. I like Celtic and bluegrass. Let me know, if interested. I would be willing to travel a bit.


Sep-19-2005, 2:39pm
Hi wmferg. I'm in Glendora and am also pretty new to the instrument. I'm into bluegrass and Celtic as well. Go ahead and email me at taylor51078@hotmail.com and maybe we can set something up.

Pedal Steel Mike
Sep-21-2005, 5:46am
I'm in L.A. Let me know if you get something happening. Another ofour members (Wireboy) lives very close by. Maybe we can car pool.

Sep-21-2005, 12:28pm
Hi P.S. Mike.
Let's set something up. Weeknights are best for me. Go ahead and email me if you like.

Rich Breen
Oct-05-2005, 8:28pm
Hi guys - I just stumbled across this thread today - I'm in Burbank and am also looking for some beginner/intermediate folks to pick with. We could get together at my place, or elsewhere...

You can email me at the address below.


Jack Roberts
Oct-18-2005, 1:16pm
I'm up for a jam. I'm in Camarillo, but will commute. Somebody let me know.