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Jan-17-2004, 7:23pm
Would there be folks out there interested in checking out one of Pavel Sucek's F hole A style mandolins? I was recently given the opportunity to become Pavel's U.S. Rep and have a brand new A style that I would like to ship around to folks here on the board in order to introduce everyone to this fine Czech builder. Thanks to our good buddy Dale and his "enlightened" vision w/the Michael Kelly "play & ship it" model I would invite folks to sign up and enjoy the same experience with a new Sucek A style.

*Important to note Scott was generous enough to allow me to post this announcement here and the ground rules would be the same as with the Michael Kelly "tour" Pavel Sucek has extensive building experience within the Czech Republic - is committed to high quality craftsmenship and offers a tremenous value -
Although I am heading up the distribution of these nice mandolins there is a small group of folks that have formed a financial partership to help support the musical arts. That said this could be alot of fun. Anyone interested?
.......Thanks again Scott.....

Jan-18-2004, 3:12pm
I would be interested. Sounds like a lot of fun!


Jan-18-2004, 9:21pm
i;d be interested as well.

Tim Saxton
Jan-18-2004, 9:41pm
You can count me in.

Tim Saxton

Jan-18-2004, 9:43pm
Sounds like we're picking up steam. Lets see how things go hopefully more folks will climb aboard the mando tour bus. Thanks for the interest.

Jan-18-2004, 10:51pm
I'd be interested as well. But note that the MK never made it to my neck of the woods...

Christopher Standridge
Jan-18-2004, 10:56pm
sounds great! Count me in.

Jan-19-2004, 4:48am
would love to test drive!

Eric F.
Jan-19-2004, 2:29pm
Excellent! Count me in.

Jan-19-2004, 2:35pm
If you have room, count me in as well. This sounds like fun.

Jan-19-2004, 3:58pm
I would love to take a whack at her!

I mean... ahem... I promise no hitting the mandolin, only playing. Sorry about that.

Seriously, I'd love to try her out.

Jan-19-2004, 4:19pm
Is it going to make it out to Wintergrass? That might be a good time to get it out to a lot of people (myself included!)

Jan-19-2004, 4:28pm
There are a lot of good mandolin pickers here in Nashville ... and me too !

Jim M.
Jan-19-2004, 6:03pm
There will be a Co-mando jam in Northern Calif. on March 14th. Probably 30 or more pickers coming. I'd be happy to escort it to the jam if the schedule can arranged.

Jan-19-2004, 7:13pm
Sounds great. Sign me up!


Jan-19-2004, 7:37pm
I'd like to give it a try. http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/biggrin.gif

Jan-19-2004, 7:48pm
Since i wasn't directly a part of the Dale-driven Mike K. mando tour I'll need to rely on you all to describe the ground rules again and also let me know what area we'll need to improve upon. What do folks think is a fair timeframe to spend per person with the instrument? Also how did you guys/gals share the shipping expense? Thanks again for the interest its going to be great....

Jan-19-2004, 7:56pm
I meant to add that as long as someone will take responsibility I'd be appreciative to have folks share the A style at the "events". The more the merrier.....the goal is exposure...so that'd be ideal.

Jan-20-2004, 11:13am
Spare Change,

I was on the MK tour. As for shipping, each person just paid shipping(and insurance) to the next person on the list. I think it worked pretty well. I'd like to participate in your tour also. Thanks.

J. Hamrick

Jan-20-2004, 6:12pm
When my Sucek arrives, anyone in the Philly region is welcome to come play it. (Especially if you bring some of yours for me to try.)

Jan-22-2004, 7:39pm
If you're still taking volunteers, I'd be interested. Thanks!


Jan-22-2004, 9:35pm
For those interested if you would like to email me your address I will start "the list". Once its all put together I will contact folks and get the ball rolling. Thanks.

Jan-22-2004, 9:37pm
Me Too!

Feb-10-2004, 9:21pm
Good news folks...the new Pavel Sucek mandolins are completed and what fun they are to see. Any chance one of you nice mando tour guys or gals could help me "shrink" one of these pix to be displayed for those interested in the tour? I'd be very grateful. Thanks.

Feb-11-2004, 8:43am
Put me on the list.

Feb-11-2004, 12:41pm
Me too! Puhlease http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/smile.gif

Feb-11-2004, 1:02pm
Thanks to those folks that wrote willing to help w/the pix. i was able to downsize them at work. Sorry for the less than professional photo. Sweet!

Feb-12-2004, 3:22pm
Is there anyone in the Seattle area interested in splitting shipping? It seems there are a fair amount of mandolins in the area and I'd think someone else would be interested in playing a new mando!


Feb-12-2004, 7:10pm
Hey, I would be interested in doing this. I think this is a great idea. It is hard to get the word out without having any feedback to rely on. So I think this is great that people are willing to do this. Paying for the shipping/insurance is the way to go. If you still have room for the tour deal count me in.

email me at bberan@rmc.edu if this is going to happen. Thanks....and I hope all goes as planned

Tim Saxton
Feb-12-2004, 8:37pm
I live in north of seattle in mt. vernon and can split shipping.

Tim Saxton

Feb-12-2004, 8:44pm
I might pitch in if I can get a crack at it. I'm in Edmonds, just north of Seattle...

Feb-12-2004, 9:08pm
I'm in Seattle, in the U District. I'm guessing it won't be here by Wintergrass, but maybe someone could bring it to one of the jams (Maltby, North Bend, etc)?


Feb-12-2004, 9:48pm
Spare Change,

Any chance you'll be at Mandofest in Lawrence? I plan to be there Friday evening and Saturday. I would love to see the Sucek mandos. Through no fault of my own, I'm half Czech, and I've always wondered about the quality of instruments from that part of the world.

Feb-12-2004, 10:30pm
PrairieWind...I sure intend to be at Mandofest. One of the great music experiences out there. I keep thinking if I drool long enough Scott might let me touch his Nugget. Just look at this years lineup. Amazing. I will surely have a Sucek or two around for fun...might even have a little tiny Piccolo by then if people have an interest in looking that guy over. Thanks for the interest. By no fault of my own i'm a mandolin player. Its always more fun w/two...see ya there!

Feb-12-2004, 10:53pm
I'd certainly consider it. Eastern NC if you are looking to plan a "route".

Sounds like fun.


Feb-12-2004, 11:03pm
Spare Change,

I'll be the middle-aged bald guy with glasses and a salt-and- pepper beard. That should make it easy to spot me. http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/biggrin.gif

Feb-13-2004, 12:16am
hmmm...thats my description...but i'm the hack on mando so that'll separate me.

Mar-19-2004, 7:25pm
Well....better late then never i say. It seems most of the hurdles have been cleared so i'm wondering if folks are still interested in doing this little Mandolin Tour? If folks are still into it I believe we could start within the week with the first member to receive the Pavel Sucek A style located in Louisville Kentucky. This good man has been waiting patiently for his F5 to arrive which should be anytime now but as a reward it seems only fair to give "Brian" the first go on this X braced Sucek A style. Anyone live out that way that would like to be next in line? Should be fun! Thanks.

Dennis Benjamin
Pavel Sucek Mandolins

Mar-19-2004, 8:25pm
I'm still very interested.

(Alan Meijer - North Carolina)

Mar-19-2004, 8:47pm
I as well!

-Jacob Wegner
Madison, WI

Mar-19-2004, 8:52pm
Alan & Jacob...thats great. I'm sure between all of us we can chart a course that will include everyone.

Mar-19-2004, 9:07pm
Add another in North Carolina if it comes this way.

Ed Parrish
Graham, NC

Mar-19-2004, 9:13pm
I think i'll run out this weekend and grab a Map and some push pins....see if i can figure this thing out.

Dennis Benjamin
Pavel Sucek Mandolins

Mar-19-2004, 10:10pm
I'd be very interested in trying it. I'm in Plano, TX--near Dallas.
Thanks a lot.
Andrew Block

Mar-20-2004, 12:30am
I'd like to try it. I've only been playing for a year so I'm still figuring out what sound I want from my instrument. This would be a great chance to get some more data than I can just trying whatever Gryphon has in stock.

I wasn't around for the previous tour, so I don't know the ground rules. I assume it's something along the lines of "play it for a couple days, then pay for insured shipping to get it to the next person in line." That works for me.


Tim Saxton
Mar-20-2004, 11:32am
I am still on board in Washington state. Can't wait!


Tim Saxton

Mar-20-2004, 5:26pm
I'm near Plano in Coppell. We could work out some switches around the DFW area.