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John Flynn
Mar-15-2004, 8:15am
I just wanted to say that I attended a blues mandolin workshop with "Lil Rev" last week. "Lil Rev" is a stage name, of course. His real name is something like Mark Revison, but I may not have hear that right. The event was very good. This guy really knows how to give a workshop where you come away with stuff you can use, including good handout materials. I would definitely attend a longer or more advanced workshop with him. In 90 minutes, he covered the history of blues mandolin, basic progressions, the blues scales, double stops, boogie woogie patterns, and back-up patterns and had the whole class actually playing it all. He also knows how to control a workshop where everyone is not "noodling" all the time, without offending anyone by telling them to be quiet. I have seen some "big name" workshop leaders not be able to do that.

No financial interest here, but if you are thinking of hosting (or attending) a workshop that everyone will enjoy and get a lot out of, he would be a good choice. Also, if anyone knows more about Lil Rev or has had experience with him, I'd be interested in having a thread discussion about it here. BTW, Lil Rev's site is here: