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Mar-15-2004, 7:45am
I will be giving a concert at the John Knowles Paine Concert Hall, Harvard University on 16th April from 8pm.

The repertoire will be:

Kirsty Beilharz: Wreathed in Flames
Eric Gross: Cadenzas I and X
John Peterson: Moving Fast through Autumn Light
Andrew Robbie: Of Their Own Loveliness
Ian Shanahan: Solar Dust
Michael Smetanin: Sting
Jane Stanley: Spindrift/Interiors
Nicholas Vines: Headlands

All works will be US premières, and Andrew Robbie's work will be a world première.

All works are for solo mandolin except for Of Their Own Loveliness which is for 2 mandolins, mandola and guitar. The performance will #consist of the playing of a recording (which is the ideal medium for the work) - me all parts.
Stanley's work is for mandolins, piano and recorders and I will be joined by Plastic Atlas for this piece.
Nicholas Vines's composition is for baritone and mandola. This is a substantial (and lengthy at 25 minutes) work setting a text by Sally Treloyn.

Michael (Hooper)

Mar-16-2004, 6:08pm
Ahh...more tantalizing bits from too far east for a comfortable drive.

Mar-20-2004, 1:21am
Get there by road, rail, plane...just get there!

I have been fortunate enough to have attended the World Premier Performances of all the above works that
Michael Hooper is performing at the Harvard concert.

His choice of repertoire will demonstrate just what amazing techniques composers have been able to musically intergrate into the latest styles of Mandolin composition.

I think it will also prove why the Mandolin has been so accepted into the mainstream Australian music scene; great works by nationally/internationally known and respected composers performed at a high level.

Get there because this is the type of repertoire that will allow the Mandolin to be a respected instrument in cultures around the world.

Alex Timmerman
Mar-21-2004, 5:36pm
Hello Mr. Hooper,

The Harvard University is unfortunately a bit far for me but I am very interested all this new works composed for and with mandolin. I presume these particular ones are not yet available on CD.
But is there an easy way to obtain your already existing CD´s in Europe?

It is great to see that the mandolin gains so much recognition and by so many composers in Australia.

I am not familiar with much original Australian music for plucked instruments except for the fine guitar compositions by your fellow countryman Mr. Peter Sculthorpe, which are dedicated to and recorded by John Williams.

I have had the privilege to attend one of the European concerts by the Australian Chamber Orchestra and John Williams as their soloist (Amsterdam, Concertgebouw, Summer 1991). On the programme there was besides a very nicely performed Vivaldi violin Concerto (arranged for guitar and strings), the European premiere of Peter Sculthorpe's Guitar Concerto.
The ´live´ experience of hearing the typical Australian sounds in the Sculthorpe's Concerto I enjoyed very much. And still do so when listening to the CD of it.

So I just wondered, do you know if Peter Sculthorpe has composed any large scale mandolin works that you know of? He seems to understands the possibilities of plucked solo instruments with orchestra quite well.

Best and lots of success!


Mar-26-2004, 5:11am

Michael has had quite a bit to do with Peter Sculthorpe; they both worked in the Sydney University Music Deptarment.

Sculthorpe promised to write me a work in 1988 but it has not yet happened- he is a lovely man so there is a chance it may yet happen.
To answer your question- he has not written any mandolin work
but he continues to suggest I arrange one of his works for the Mandolin.
While this would have the composer's stamp of approval it just does not seem quite the same as having Sculthorpe write it himself.

The CDs are available worldwide thru the Australian Music Centre(AMC), see the site below for details:-


and go to the Compositions page.

The works by
Gross, Shanahan and Smetanin
have been released on CD and the scores are also available at the AMC.

Alex Timmerman
Mar-26-2004, 4:39pm
Hello Mr. Adrian Hooper,

Very nice to hear that there was already contact with Mr. Peter Sculthorpe about a composition for or with mandolin. Let´s hope he will not forget his promise to you!

Thanks also for pointing out the music and CD´s, and where to get them; I will sure order some.



Apr-03-2004, 12:57am
For all you lovers of intruments Michael will be performing on a Gilchrist Mandolin and a Gilchrist Mandola at his concert at Harvard University.

The composers of these Classical works had these specific intruments in mind thru out the composition process.

Apr-08-2004, 7:36pm
I have just been informed that three of the above composers

Andrew Robbie
Jane Stanley
Nicholas Vines

will be present at Michael Hooper's Mandolin Recital at Harvard University.

All three are from Australia but are in the Harvard University Music Department at this time!

Go along, maybe you could ask them to write a work for you; after all these are outstanding composers who already know how wonderful the mandolin can be.

Neil Gladd
Apr-09-2004, 11:33am
I'd love to be there, but even though I live on the east coast, Harvard is still about a 12 hour drive. I will try to send my musical friends in the area, though!

Apr-14-2004, 6:40pm
Do not forget this enlightening concert is on tomorrow.