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Mar-15-2004, 4:52am

I can be such a bother but I just want to remind everyone that there is still time and space available for the workshops with Niles and myself. #It really is a great time. #Learn to play. #Learn to build. #Come hungry.

Hope to see you there.


Mar-16-2004, 6:47pm
If you can, in any way, make either workshop, you'll be glad you did. Both Don and Niles are teachers in the old apprentice tradition; very patient and SMART. With either class, you can't loose.

So stop sittin the fence and sign up. By the way, the food is excellent and the after-hours pickin is worth the price of admission.


Mar-17-2004, 3:54pm
I have to second what Karl said.

I attended the building workshop last November and had a blast! The time there was unforgettable.

I'm shooting for a repeat next month at the next workshop. This time I signed up for the instructional workshop with Niles.
The jam sessions at nite were a hoot!

Hope to see ya there,


bo carter
Apr-08-2004, 5:31pm
I'm sorry, I don't know what workshop you are talking about. I would love to attend a workshop in building.
Please let me know about this.

Apr-08-2004, 6:24pm
me too, my kit is in the shop and im gettin ready to start, but id love to learn how to build from somebody experienced


Apr-09-2004, 3:53am
Good news and Bad news....The day you did your post to this thread the workshop ended. But the good news: I do the workshops at the Front Royal, VA. 4-H conference center two times a year. The next one will be in the Fall. I am sorry you missed this one. It would have been great to have you. It was a blast as it always is. Niles teaches playing. I teach building. You can do either an OM or a flat top with arched bracing. If you are close to the Eastern Panhandle of WV, I will be happy to teach you in my shop as well.


Apr-09-2004, 6:19am

You know it was killing me to not be able to come out and visit you this time. Pat is working with me in the office now and I am no longer semi-retired.:) I am not able to make last minute changes to my schedule. Perhaps in the Fall or one day I may just show up at your shop door!!

I don't go to Gettysburg as much as I used to. Hey how about finding me some cheap property in your neck of the woods?


Apr-09-2004, 6:31am
Ummmm...You mean you want to live closer to me??
(hmmmmmmmmm......LOL......So I have taken my skills as a Luthier and transformed them into a Real Estate Agent?)
We do own some land behind our home/shop that I am not sure what to do with yet but I will keep my ears open for you. #They are building this area up faster than I would like as well.
It would have been nice to see you this last workshop.


(...and give me a little warning before you show up at the door, will ya? #I'll feed you this time too.)

Apr-09-2004, 12:58pm

How much advance notice? I'm in my car and will be at your front door in 12 minutes!!!

Yesterday, Pat and I and two friends were jamming at a local pub in Eldersburg. We were working on a Civil War set. We have half a notion to go to Gettyburg and play. I suggested Culp's hill. It's in the shade and not as heavily frequented as Devil's Den.

I've always wanted property in WV but I'm more partial to the mountain areas. You and yours are safe...


Apr-09-2004, 1:17pm
They are building this area up faster than I would like as well.

Amen to that. The only thing it helps is my property value. Greetings and salutations from Jefferson County, and one of these days I'll make the time to get in one of those building workshops so I can make me a nice OM.

Apr-09-2004, 1:25pm
That would be fantastic!!! #For the time being, you are welcome to stop by for a visit whenever you want. #I would also be happy to help you build one here in my shop this summer if you would rather that. #Just give me a little notice. #

.....yep, the landscape is changing big time. #Not exactly what it was anymore. #


Apr-10-2004, 5:08pm
I grew up in the Shenendoah Valley, went ta Madison College....lived in Oldtown Md....and now back in rural central Va......I am planning if not this fall to come to the workshop in the Spring. And yes, the pace of change throughout the whole of that area is way to fast.


Apr-10-2004, 5:42pm
Well it will be great to meet you all. #I will share what I know and I am sure there are some things you can teach me as well. #The workshops are a real blast!