View Full Version : Charmaine

Scott Tichenor
Mar-14-2004, 7:25pm
Finally getting around to looking at a Finale file board member John Eubanks from New Orleans did of this piece that I recorded on my one-and-only now out of print solo project back in 1991. What a hoot the midi file is. Thanks, John.

All this business is found at the top of this page (http://www.mandolincafe.com/tunes.html). Over the years I've had a fair number of requests for the tab for this which I was never brave enough to tackle. John faithfully reproduced it, including a mistake I made at measure 97 which after hearing it I started playing it that way.

John Eubanks
Mar-17-2004, 11:20pm
Thanks for posting the transcription Scott. I hope other mandolinists enjoy playing this solo as much as I have. I learned a lot from this solo and hope you record another project soon. John