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Scott Tichenor
Aug-21-2005, 8:33pm
Approximately 6:30 pm CDT in Kansas. Time for a few tunes, Sunday night cocktail hour before the Monday workday reality sets in, and a few instant messages with Dan at midnight his time in London. All business of course--actually, total silliness with a bit of mandolin thrown in.

This shot from the Cafe patio facing West. Normally in Kansas at this time of year it'd be mid 90's but tonight a rare mid-70's. Quite tolerable. Cicadas in full chorus, a sound that's continuous and surrounds you all day long, and it's very loud. I love that sound.

Mandolin vintage 2001 Nugget Deluxe, the wine Australian Two Hands Brave Faces (http://twohandswines.com/sitePages/winedetail.asp?ItemID=50&WId=7), a 65% Shiraz 35% Grenache with a 90+ rating. Go ahead, hate me. See if I care.

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Aug-21-2005, 9:05pm
Nothing but Respect for you Scott.

Fine taste in mandolins and spirits.

I hope you truly enjoyed the evening.

I raise a glass to you.



Aug-21-2005, 9:23pm
I'm looking out over Jacksonville Beach, a little past dark, watching a lit ocean-going frieghter moving ever so slowly over the water, probably Puerto Rico bound. The thermometer says it's 83 degrees with a wonderful 5 mile per hour ocean wind. My fingers are totally sore from playing from 11:30 am yesterday 'till about 2 am this morning with the North Florida Bluegrass Association. We didn't even stop to eat, just picked. We met at Hanna Park on the beach just north of here. Nothin' but bluegrass and good people. A few of the people I met right here on the Cafe.

That's how I spent my one year anniversary of attempting to play mandolin and being a member here on the cafe.

Salute to you and your staff, Scott!

mad dawg
Aug-21-2005, 11:40pm
...Cicadas in full chorus, a sound that's continuous and surrounds you all day long, and it's very loud. I love that sound...
I grew up in the midwest, and I miss three things most about my childhood (four, if you count missing being a child): fireflies, lightning storms, and cicada summers.

Skip Kelley
Aug-22-2005, 6:27am
Scott, looks like the perfect set-up for a little R&R!!

Aug-22-2005, 6:39am
How'bout this one? Thile at the symposium. Terrible cellphone camera, but a great show!

Aug-22-2005, 6:46am
Well... I don't have a cell phone camera... But if we're talkin' sceanario for the day... Whoo-Hooooo! It's a rare sight to wittness MEGA thunder, lightening, torentous downpour, HAIL!... It was so intense... it was scarry! THEN... all of a sudden... the sunshine shone...HOTLY! So, all this STEAM was rising out of the earth! Eerie!

After the storm, I, (how unusual!) ventured out to a Greek festival, and... BAK-LA-VAH! What a bazooka player was there! MAN OH MAN! He was incredible! I finally took off my straw rain hat, released the tangly braids tucked up in the hat, and... let my hair down, so to speak... THEN! The major hunkly greek guy gave me the "come on up here and dance signal!" I was too intimidated... I couldn't do it... I wish I could have... I just love that Greek dancing! Fun! Love the music, too... Good day.

Aug-22-2005, 7:25am
Thile has the Frankenstein walk thing going!

Aug-22-2005, 8:38am
Not too clear....

But, my daughter (Jordan) on the right(blue)& her friend Eva.... While we were visiting Asheville, NC.

No worries about the mando....It's only a MK!!! (Of course it sounds better than any other mando I have ever heard!!! - yeah right!)


Aug-22-2005, 9:05am
And that would be Jordan checking the intonation?


Aug-22-2005, 9:27am
Actually, she was showing Eva her crosspicking technique...

Aug-22-2005, 9:52am
I'm still waiting for the hi-fi umbrella!

Aug-22-2005, 10:05am
Scott, Maybe it was that second glass of fine Austrailian wine but thanks man. I cleaned up the text from Dan and your conversation for the others to see. I love this place.


Aug-22-2005, 10:16am

JD Cowles
Aug-22-2005, 12:17pm
don't have a cell phone camera, so you all will have to use some 'magination. sunday night cocktail hour (a lil nip o' jameson 12 year), dinner on the grill, mando in hand, raining cats and dogs but i'm safe and dry under the overhanging garage eaves. life is grand...

Aug-22-2005, 12:59pm
I couldn't take any pics with my cell phone on sunday night. i had to put it in the coat check. they don't allow camera phones in the King Tut exhibit at the LA county Museum of Art. 3000 years and all those artifacts are still shiny golden. and the detail work, Wow. no string instruments from the tomb though.

Aug-22-2005, 4:19pm
my Eastman MD615 sunbathing herself...

Aug-22-2005, 4:20pm
oops sorry forgot to attach:
(my Eastman 615 sunbathing herself...)

Aug-22-2005, 6:59pm
a photo diet
taken from a mobile phone
mandolin in case

(oops wrong thread)

Aug-22-2005, 10:20pm
they don't allow camera phones in the King Tut exhibit at the LA county Museum of Art. #3000 years and all those artifacts are still shiny golden. #and the detail work, Wow.

I've always wondered what kind of binding they used on those things. Is it tortoise or white/ black / white ?http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/laugh.gif

Aug-23-2005, 11:26am
gold bindings, baby ! GOLD !!!!

Aug-24-2005, 8:35am
I'm sorry to say I don't have a cellphone camera... but mine has this other really great function! It has these numbers on it which you can press.. and then it connects to somebody elses cellphone (providing that person also has that same function on his cellphone) and the two cellphones connect! And (you can believe this or not) you can talk to each other as if you were standing close to each other! even if you're MILES away! Can you believe it... where will technology end... ;)