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Aug-18-2005, 6:48pm
Major News Flash!!!!!

FM have reformed!!! Yes it's true. They got together with the Nearfest organizer Rob, and have made a reformation of Cam and Marty and they are looking for a violin player.

From Cam and Marty

We're going to record a new CD this fall

We think new technologies like surround sound are awesome and we'd like to be able to release our songs in a

variety of formats

We'd like to put all our old LP's on CD and make them available, too

And we've got some old recordings that were never released


They are going to play Nearfest on June 24, 2006.

Please visit my site for full details.
Blacknoise The FM Archive http://web.ripnet.com/~pwentworth/fm.html

Paul Wentworth