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Mar-14-2004, 2:42pm
After one year of waiting, I received my Peter Sawchyn A5 # 387 mandolin and what a fine instrumnet this is, the tone of this mandolin with 10 hrs of playing on it , is better then many good instruments that I have experienced, including, Collings A and F , Givens , Webers, Heiden and some others.
You are probably thinking that I am going over the top with this because of the excitement of a new mandolin, this is not so, I am a somewhat cynical and very crital person.
The price was right too.
Best Regards

mad dawg
Mar-14-2004, 3:51pm
Beautiful color, and awesome inlay work! Is that a custom inlay on the headstock, or is that his standard logo? Either way, it is way cool,, and I love the MOP stars as well.

Mar-14-2004, 4:52pm
mad dawg,
Thank you for your nice compliments.
The headstock design ,stars and color are my idea, although Peter helped me by proportioning it properly, and he did a great job on the inlay and finish, this finish would even have Collings sit up and pay attention :-)

When one has to wait for something for a long time , one forms naturally an image in ones mind of what it is going to be, generally the real thing is different from what you thought.
In this case, when I opened the case, there was the mandolin that I had in my mind all along, the exact color, inlay and finish.

It plays like a dream and resonates with my voice, incredibly sensitive.

Joe Mendel
Mar-14-2004, 5:11pm
Great looking mando! I had the same experience with Peter, he built me a custom octave mandolin that was exactly what I had envisioned, only better. I should be recieving a S-5 from him in the next couple of weeks. You've just raised my anticipation level into overdrive. Peter is a great guy to work with also. Enjoy it & love it, peterleyenaar.