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Karen Kay
Aug-16-2005, 8:53am
Who's coming & when? #My (tentative) plan is leaving Saturday, Sept. 3. #I wanted to experience more pre-party. #Like a pre-pre party kind of thing.

Coy Wylie
Aug-16-2005, 9:25am
I'm planning to be there Thurs-Sun of the main festival.

Karen Kay
Aug-16-2005, 9:45am
I should have added this to the first thread. I thought it might be neat to find other Cafe' members - like where do you camp (or if you camp)?
I camp in the West campground (with the other old f**ts) - turn right after the main gate. #I'm not good at estimating distances but it's across from the first long row of porta-pottys. #Look for the Bat Camp - I camp just north of there. #

JD Cowles
Aug-16-2005, 10:44am
hi karen-

pick a few for me. i will be in DC for work that week.

how about pencilling me in for the bill davis owner-family reunion pick in '06?


Karen Kay
Aug-16-2005, 12:59pm
Jeff ~
Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. Seems a couple other folks aren't going to make it, either.
I'll dedicate a tune in your name...
About the Davis reunion - sounds like a great plan to me. At your house? <g>

Aug-16-2005, 2:11pm
Karen Kay Posted

I camp in the West campground .... across from the first long row of porta-pottys.

The ambience must be to die for! http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/laugh.gif


Karen Kay
Aug-16-2005, 3:17pm
George, dear ~
Ambience - shambience. You just stop by & see!

Dave Schimming
Aug-17-2005, 12:06am
Heading to Winfield the Friday after land rush to claim territory for Camp Brigadoon - SE of the horse barns, N of 14th Street. Once camp members show up we play mostly bluegrass & old time music with a smattering of other acoustic stuff. The camp fiddle player in past years has scheduled a couple open afternoon Irish jam sessions before the official start of the festival - not sure what her plans are for this year. Our other jams are unscheduled, follow the circle format and are pretty informal. We welcome anyone who can behave (at least behave as well as the camp members!).

Scott Schmidt
Aug-17-2005, 12:17am
I'll be there the weekend before the festival, come back for classes on Tuesday http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/sad.gif, then I'll be there until it's over. #http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/smile.gif

Aug-29-2005, 3:18pm
Me and me dad are flying over from england to expierience the festival. We have friends that live nearby and are bagsying us a spot in the landrush. thats as much as i know. cant wait

Dave Schimming
Aug-29-2005, 4:00pm
Giverin - Welcome to Kansas when you get here and I'm sure you will enjoy the festival!

Karen Kay
Aug-29-2005, 4:54pm
Just got an update from Billy D himself on the flood water situation. #Until yesterday the river was up almost to Stage 3. #Billy said the river was receding and the grounds were drying up as well. #Pre-pre people are lining up on the track and on paved surfaces. #I have a pic from the top of the grandstand looking west but it is way too big to post. #Email me and I'll send it to whoever... May the games begin! http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/biggrin.gif

Dave Schimming
Aug-29-2005, 7:09pm
I rode down on my Harley Saturday to survey the flooding. There was no water in the buildings although close to the far shed west of Stage 2. Some areas of the Pecan & Walnut groves were not in the flood area and should be in good shape. Good to hear the waters are going down and the camp areas are drying out so people can camp in their traditional areas.

Aug-29-2005, 11:31pm
I am going to be at a lectureship early in the week and I have to be back at work on Sunday...so the only day I could go is to be there for Friday. I would really like to see a few shows but more than that I would like to sit and listen to the mandolin contest. Is it worth it to pay the fee and travel an extra four hours (about 44 hour round trip in 9 days). I would really like to go but I just don't know about it. I would like to know what to expect. Is it going to be a fair...how long do the mandolin players play...they have 4 hours set aside for the contest...how much of that is actual musicians playing?

I am also going to try to hit Claremore, Ok, one night on my way out to Alabama.

I need advice, thanks

Aug-29-2005, 11:52pm
I've been wanting to go to this for years. Is there any place to stay other than having to camp? I'd probably just come up for one or two nights. Wouldn't mind getting in the Davis family reunion pic either.


Aug-30-2005, 7:37am
sgarrity Posted
...Is there any place to stay other than having to camp? #I'd probably just come up for one or two nights...


I doubt if there's any hotel rooms left in Winfield proper but you might try Arkansas City (about 15 miles), South Wichita (about 40 miles) or Ponca City, OK (about 40 miles)


Karen Kay
Aug-30-2005, 8:06am
Shaun - I've not stayed anywhere but in the campgound but here is the website for the fest: WVF (http://www.wvfest.com/)
I think George is probably right in his comment about finding a place to stay in Winfield. The places that he suggested are probably the same places that are listed on the website under 'camping' but it wouldn't hurt to give it a try.
Roydw3 - I do think it's worth coming to the fest and to see/hear/experience the mandolin contest. #Several (at least the ones I know) of the Cafe members have been in the mando contest. #I believe the players choose & play 3 tunes each but I can't remember exactly how long the whole thing takes - several hours. Take a peek at the WVF website that I enclosed. #That might answer some of your questions. #IMO - there's nothing like it!

Aug-31-2005, 8:13pm
Well my camper is allready there I will be joining it labor day weekend. I sighned up for the mando workshop with Bruce Graybill. Is any one else going?. I usually go/participate in the band scramble at the Rat Camp but thought I make a change this year. Hope to meet some of you this year. I camp at the Rollin R Farm campsite we usually have a covered wagon bridge at the ditch in the Pecan Grove.
See you all soon.....

Jim Downs
Sep-01-2005, 4:06am
Fill me in on where is the Rat Camp. I love band scrambles and didn't know about one at Winfield. We will be heading down Friday night (9th) and will be camped with the "Pickle Pickers", just south of the horse barn. Tell me where you are and the wife and I will try to look you up. Better hurry though, one more week and my phone and my computer will be forgotten until after Winfield.

Jim Downs
My Grass Is Blue

Sep-01-2005, 7:38am
The Rat Camp is in the Pecan Grove towards the West end, if you get close somebody will give you directions. The band scramble takes place Wednesday before the festival they pick bands that morning and a couple of hours later the fun begins. If you've never seen it you will be in for a great time. My camp is usually right accross from the power station in the Pecan Grove.

See you soon.......

Dave Schimming
Sep-01-2005, 8:21am
The rat scramble is a great way to spend Wednesday early afternoon if you don't have anything better going on. If you want to participate in the scramble, registration is in the morning, not sure what the time deadline is - probably ought to check the Rat Camp for schedule the day before or by 9:00 a.m. Wednesday. Our camp group has had members particpate as performers and one year we had a judge because he got there too late to sign up to perform. It's all fun,musical ability is not necessarily the way to finish in the top 3 and I'm not sure who has more fun the performers, the judges or the crowd. Food and alcohol bribes to the judges are perfectly acceptable. The top 3 groups get to perform on Stage 5 later that afternoon.

Dave Schimming
Sep-01-2005, 8:33am
Thought I might point out a few highlights for any Winfield first timers. Be sure to check out the Carp Camp in the west (Walnut Grove) campground in the evenings. This is quite a group of accomplished musicians who gather every year at Winfield to have fun and play pretty good Irish and other acoustic music. This group has "homework" every year to work on new songs they want to play plus stuff they have played before. Look for a spotlighted "carp" looking fish hanging from the trees and head that way.

Be sure to check out the evening performances on Stage 5 in the Pecan Grove along 14th street. This is not an official performers stage of the festival but you will hear some pretty good musicians playing into the early morning hours (some not so good but its all fun).

Be sure to wander the campgrounds after dark to hear or participate in the various jams going on. This is what Winfield is really about.

My 50th posting - yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Karen Kay
Sep-01-2005, 3:06pm
Check out the Carp Camp site
At their home page look to the left to see Karen Kay herself (big red nose thing happenin)

Jim Downs
Sep-01-2005, 8:34pm
OK I think I can find The Rat Camp and will try to make the band scramble, should be able to find you also by asking around, unless no one will admit to knowing you, that can sometimes be a problem. Will bring alcohol to bribe judges with, God I Love America, and if that doesn't work we will just drink it ourselves. See you at Winfield.

Jim Downs

Karen Kay
Sep-01-2005, 10:33pm
Well, I'm think I'm ready to head out. #Tomorrow morning I'll pack the pick-up & take off after that. #I'll sure try to find you Cafe' members. #Might have to print some of this thread in case I've had too much anti-memory tonic.
Several years ago I sort of 'participated' in the RatScramble. #It was before I started playing mandolin & played the egg shaker.
The CarpCamp is one of my very favorite camps. #Lots of great music & some of the funniest folks I know. #Good people.
Almost OTD (out the door) - see you there!


Dave Schimming
Sep-08-2005, 11:32am
Heading out in the morning - hope to cross paths with some of the Mando Cafe members attending.