View Full Version : Godin A8 & feedback

Mar-14-2004, 6:49am
I am a releatively new player, and I have had my Godin A8 for 2 years. One reason I chose it was so that I could plug in and record eventually, but when I do that, I get a bad hum. This occurs when I have the speakers on, speakers off (/w headphones), and when recording through a MOTU 828.

I am playing though a Mackie Micro Series 1202 mixer and a Samson servo 260 amp.

I would appreciate any help in solving this problem.



Mike Crocker
Mar-14-2004, 4:58pm
Doesn't sound like feedback to me if it happens as you decribe. Perhaps it's a ground problem, or a detached wire, bad cord, RF interference, 60 cycle hum or something.

Anyone else?

Peace, Mooh.

Mar-14-2004, 5:10pm
I don't think it's a 60 cycle hum. It varies with volume on the mandolin and the mixer. I play a Strat, a keyboard, and a sound module through the same mixer without this problem. When I use the MOTU 828, the mandolin is plugged into it directly, and I still have this problem. I will check on the cord, but it's the same one I use with the Strat, and there are no problems there.

Richard H
Mar-14-2004, 11:14pm
If your jack cord and amp work okay with other instruments, it would seem there's a problem with the Godin. As a check I would try it with someone else's system.

Sometimes I think my Godin jack is in but it needs to go a bit further. But when that happens it doesn't hum; it just doesn't amplify at all.

You can peek a bit at the Godin insides by taking out the battery case and using a small mirror.