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Aug-12-2005, 11:31am
Here are a couple of pics of the finished octave. I need to say the D.G was playing this at the soundcheck before his concert last night.He knew I would be there with it and saw me way early before the show for good seats and decided to do me the favor of playing it . He is the greatest guy in the world. I can't say enough about his generosity, not to mention the amazing concert. I hope this pic is ok to show here. And by the way.......it is for sale.

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Chris Baird
Aug-12-2005, 3:31pm
Gary, looks good. Seems like the SLC music scene is alive and thrivin'. I'm "so close, yet so far away", sure do miss those free concerts.

Tom Smart
Aug-16-2005, 2:19pm
I already mentioned this on another thread, but I played that big boy last weekend at the Dam Jam. I didn't realize there was some Dawg sweat on it...

Anyway, it's a fine instrument and I'd recommend it to anyone who is looking for an octave and doesn't mind the MiracleGro etc. jokes.

Gary does great work. His latest F5 was also there at the dam, along with its proud new owner. That is one dam fine mando.

Aug-16-2005, 3:58pm
Tom,Thanks so much. I had a great time at the damjam. Thanks for the kind words.

Aug-16-2005, 4:29pm
Great work, Gary... I've heard nothing but good about it (Dan S. commented on it when I was talking to him a couple weeks ago). I can't wait to get an opportunity to hear it in person.


Aug-17-2005, 8:26pm
The new octave is great, but I am a bit partial to my new F5! Gary makes them as good as they come. Thanks!


Philip Halcomb
Aug-18-2005, 8:36pm
Looks fantastic Gary, wish I was closer to you to pick on it a little too.