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Aug-11-2005, 4:24am
I have tabbed out a few tunes using slow-downer software, but I always just write the fret numbers as I find it almost impossible to work out note durations in my head. When I've tried to put the tab into tabledit I can't get the timing right at all.

It's so odd, as I can keep time well when I am playing, and I can read standard notation, so my brain knows where the different note lengths are and how they are represented on paper. However, as soon as I try to write them down I am completely lost!

Any tips on how to improve getting timing down on paper? Is this something that can be practised? I am useless with numbers and maths, I think it must be related to that!

Aug-11-2005, 8:21am
You may try this....After learning the tune, re-learn it breaking each note into 16th or 32nd notes throughout the tune. There will be alot of strokes on half notes etc. but it can really help with the count. I use this method to straighten out my timing issues on certain songs I'm learning.

Fred Keller
Aug-11-2005, 8:40am
I agree with San Rafael--try and have a firm grasp of your time signature. Trying to unwittingly write down a jig in 4/4 time will drive you to drink <g>.

In addition, consider learning to write music in standard notation vs. tab. Standard allows for much more timing information than does tab.

Have fun.

Aug-11-2005, 8:41am
I listen... hard. Close my eyes, and tap my hand on my knee.

Aug-11-2005, 2:48pm
One thing that might help is to use a standard notation transcription of a familiar tune (for ex, "Whisky for Breakfast), and while you sing or hum it slowly, tab out the first several bars.

If I write something out in tab, I like to consistently add all the common note-length symbols found in std music - Ie, don't just write the numbers, add a vertical hash for a quarter note, a dot after the number for a dotted quarter (1 1/2 beats), a little wavy tail or connect the hashes horizontally (for an eighth note), circle your fret number for a half note, etc. Practicing this on a tune for which you have rhythmic notation to follow along with should start to make it 2nd nature when you tab from scratch.