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Aug-10-2005, 9:07pm
Send Your Mandolin on a “FANTASY ROAD TRIP”!
Please Post Pix with Dream Machines, Fabulous Folks and/or in Great Locations!

I’m sending my mandolin on a Road Trip with my friend, Bonnie, on her Yamaha V-Star.
When I saw my new mandolin, it just reminded me of the copper sunburst finish on this motorcycle… and I figured that it would be a perfect way to cruise to the festivals!
Bonnie is one of the sweetest people that you’ll ever want to meet.

Motorcycle fans may recognize Bonnie and her fabulous bike from the current issue of V-Twin Magazine (August 2005). The article, “Drive By Discovery”, is about Bonnie and her “Wicked Custom Cycles” bike.

She was also featured in the February 2005 issue of ‘Motorcycle Cruiser’ in the article, “Dream Bike”.


Aug-10-2005, 9:10pm
Did any of you guys see those magazines?

I have a few more pictures that I'll put up.
I hope that you enjoy these... and add some pictures of your mandolins "going places"!!!

Aug-10-2005, 9:11pm
COOL...Biker Babe plays mando, it doesn't get any better http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/biggrin.gif

Aug-10-2005, 9:13pm
I hope that you don't beat me up too bad about the 'wheels' on the bike.... in the shots that I took out the background.

My old hands just weren't steady enough to do that I guess, lol.

Aug-10-2005, 9:16pm
I like the Sturgis Clowns on both sides of the tank.

Aug-10-2005, 9:18pm
Happy Trails, Mandolin Cafe!!!

Aug-11-2005, 6:14am
Those images take me on my own fantasy trip. Everything in the pictures are welcome in my dreams...ooops did I say that out loud.

Keith Wallen
Aug-11-2005, 11:51am
Right on drelb!

Aug-11-2005, 2:25pm
Doesn't do anything for me.

Now, I could picture my mando in Sammy Shelor's hands, on the green worm (don't get excited, for those not in the know, that's what the guys call the LRB BUS...)

Aug-11-2005, 7:55pm
Here's of the opening pages of the article about Bonnie and her bike in V-Twin Magazine.
I'm sure that it looks a lot better splashed across two pages in the mag. It's such a cool picture, even in the 'compressed form'. I wanted to share it....

I told Bonnie today that there had been some nice comments about her. She seemed pleased. She's pretty shy in most ways... a very nice lady.

kyblue--That would be a great road trip with the Lonesome River Band... Wow, if you could get your mandolin in Sammy Shelor's hands, I for one would love to see the pix!

I have a fantasy road trip planned for one of my mandos that some of our female pickers may enjoy more than this one... (I'll get those pix after I get back from a very non-fantasy road trip to Tallahassee....)
In the meantime, maybe some others will post their ideas of a fantasy road trip for their mandolins.

Aug-11-2005, 8:03pm
Does she have one of those shirts: "If you can read this I've lost Harmony Rexy's mandolin"? http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/tounge.gif

Aug-11-2005, 8:25pm
Wow, if you could get your mandolin in Sammy Shelor's hands, I for one would love to see the pix!

Oh, I could get my mando in his hands (my teacher works for him) But I probably couldn't get him to take his shirt off, which would spoil the fantasy pic...

(I'm glad Sammy doesn't read mandolincafe. He's such a nice guy, he'd probably be embarrassed...)

I obviously need to go to a LRB show soon. I obviously need a Sammy fix. The best of bluegrass eye candy, ladies.

Aug-11-2005, 8:32pm
That would be a funny shirt, delsbrother.... You gave me a chuckle.
We see alot of those here from Daytona..."if you can read this, the 'nice biker woman' has fallen off"... with different words, of course.

It makes you think though. #The strap clasp on that Morgan Monroe case that she has on her back broke a couple of days after these pictures were taken. It hit the deck really hard... but no damage...

If that happened barreling down the highway with Ms. Bonnie, it definitely would be smashed to smithereens! http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/wow.gif

kyblue-- I think seeing your mandolin in a hands of a wonderful artist would be a great fantasy pix. I highly doubt that a shirt would detract in any way from that... I think that it would be very cool.
(I hadn't thought about asking the person that I'm sending a mandolin on a trip with to take off his shirt...Wow; if I did, he might wanna punch me out. yikes!)
You have a really great idea for a road trip!!!

Aug-11-2005, 9:36pm
Forget sending the mandolin, I think I would have rather went with her.

Tim Saxton
Aug-12-2005, 9:13am
Hot Chicks, Choppers, and Mandolins. What else could a guy need???......maybe a cold micro brew.


Aug-12-2005, 9:49am
Yer breakin' my heart here. I just sold my motorcycle and I'l be without for the first time in 40 years- due to cash flow issues.
But I still have 10 mandolins....


in another couple of years I'll be back on board 2 wheels, guess I'll play the mando more in the meantime.