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May-10-2019, 12:45am
I was having no luck finding a gig bag for my Washburn Bowl Back and then accidentally found one! In Spain. The downside is they don't ship to the US, only within the EU, but the price was good enough that I had it sent to a friend in the UK who forwarded it to me.

My first reaction upon opening the package was that it was too small. That was also my second and third reaction. My fourth reaction was, "Wow. A perfect fit!"

Oddly, as I look at the back-and-forth emails now, I see that the guy had sent me a diagram with measurements -- and that there are a few colors other than black -- but at the time I was reading the messages on my phone and didn't see any of that. It fits, doesn't have as heavy padding as my Eastman gig bag that came with my new Eastman, but it's darn good enough! I don't expect to be taking it that many places, but still wanted to have a case for it. I have seen a few on eBay, but for $$$$.


The guy (owner?) answers emails within about a day and a half to my time zone (Arizona) so I thought he was pretty responsive.

Jan :mandosmiley:

Jim Garber
May-10-2019, 10:24am
Thomann site (https://m.thomannmusic.com/thomann_eco_round_mandolin_soft_bag.htm?o=11&search=1557501760) also carries a gig bag for bowlback.

May-10-2019, 11:46am

May-10-2019, 9:13pm
Stagg A-style mandolin gig bags (NFI) also fit bowlbacks pretty well. I have one for each of my bowlbacks, and then splurged on a hard-shell case from Elderly instruments (NFI) for if I take one of my bowlbacks out of the house to play somewhere.

May-10-2019, 10:01pm
Interesting. I couldnít find anything that was big enough for the bowl and I thought I gave it a pretty good look. I was limited on the amount I was willing to spend, however.

I am curious what sort of padding the Thomman bag has. I donít see where it says anywhere. Itís a little more expensive than the Quede but youíd only have to pay shipping from Germany to US rather than Spain to U.K. to US (if thatís where you live). I guess if you live in the EU, youíre good to go.

Also the red and blue bags on Quede Musicís site appear to be very different material than the black one I got which is same as my Eastman ó and has backpack straps.