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Charles E.
Mar-27-2019, 6:55pm
One does not see Tom Rozum mentioned here on the Cafe too often. That is a shame as I feel he is one of my favorite players. His understated style is beautiful and spot on.
Here he is with Laurie Lewis and his Wiens mandolin......

Mar-27-2019, 7:11pm
Thank you for posting this, Charles E. I love the simplicity and honesty in their music; nothing is overblown or over-dramatic.
And their musicianship is impeccable.
They're also two of the nicest people I've met.
I also would like to see more of them on the Cafe.
again, thanks.
Peter C.

Don Grieser
Mar-27-2019, 7:46pm
Tom plays the best backup behind a vocal of anyone. Just perfect. Their vocal blend is perfect too. Many years ago they played live on the radio for a show I hosted. I'll never forget the power of their music being right there in front of them while they played. Thanks for posting this. Tom definitely deserves more attention here on the cafe.

Mar-27-2019, 9:16pm
Tom was in the shop today and we picked a little. He has great taste and style. I agree that he should be more revered as a fine player, not to mention a great person. I’m happy and fortunate to consider him a friend. He was also a very fine fiddle player in his day. A lover of fine instruments and very knowledgeable about them. Thanks for mentioning him.

Don Grieser
Mar-27-2019, 9:46pm
Another cool video minus Laurie but plus some dudes.


Luna Pick
Mar-27-2019, 10:39pm
Always been a couple of my favorites, just genuine and pure great music.

Find a recording of them as a duet doing "Going to the West."

goose 2
Mar-27-2019, 10:47pm
Mark me down as a long time Laurie Lewis and Tom Rozum fan. Impeccable musicianship and always very satisfying understated playing. Really one of my very favorites of all time.

Mar-29-2019, 10:41am
Tom and his own band will be on the main stage this June (2019) at the California Bluegrass Association's Fathers Day Festival in Grass Valley, California.

Mar-29-2019, 10:49am
He's also a hip arteest!

Bill McCall
Mar-29-2019, 10:56am
Saw him at Wintergrass this year and looking forward to Menucha next month. Great wit and fine player.

“I kissed her on both cheeks but left her behind for you.”