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Mar-12-2004, 8:23pm
im slightly new to the mandolin but i am picking it up quickly... lets get to buisiness... could u do the smiths on the mando? im tring it out but ive had some sucess with "how soon is now?" but not alot... (dont be scared if u dont know the smiths)

i've attached how soon is now so u can get an idea of what i want to play if u havnt heard of the smiths

Mar-13-2004, 4:26am
Johnny Marr's one of my favorite guitarists. I think he plays mandolin on some Smiths songs as well, but can't remember which ones. I do know the "chimey" part in How Soon is Now? is him dropping a knife on the strings of his guitar - not mando. Don't know how you'd mandolify the signature delay riff, or the big slide... Are you playing electric or acoustic?

As mentioned in the "Red Hot Chili Peppers on mando?" thread, anything is possible with mandolin! Good luck!

Hmmmm... Bigmouth Strikes Again or What Difference Does it Make? might work too..

Michael H Geimer
Mar-13-2004, 9:22am
I've been wanting to to do How Soon is Now in my folk band. I'm hoping Joel will sing it, then I will be faced with coming up with a mndolin part.

I was thinking the Big Slide could work well as a double stop played with a bold tremelo. But, I do think that signature 'chug' really wants to be done on guitar.

Great song! Have fun.

- Benig

Mar-14-2004, 8:24am
Greetings...I also play "rock" mandolin...and brother you can do just about anything...you are right some parts demand guitar, but I've been playing stuff from Elton John, Dave Matthews,REM & Toad The Wet Sprocket in a couple of different ensembles and it's just a whole lotta fun to come up with those parts...The Smiths should translate well to Mando. A lot of the stuff I'm familar with is open and spacey...Keep hacking away at it my friend...

Greg Ashton
Mar-14-2004, 8:40am
"Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want" is a great one for mandolin. The outro on the recording is all mandolin tremelo as far as I can tell.

Mar-19-2004, 5:29pm
Well, I'm not saying it was particularly "good" but last night at an electric jam (where I'm pseudo-tolerated on emando) me and a couple like-minded blokes kicked into:

You've Got Everything Now and Barbarism Begins at Home. I thought I held my own on the 'Bird - though I admit the bass player was the guy really "driving the bus", LOL. We threw in a few choruses of Meat is Murder before the resident metalheads started throwing stuff at us. All in all, it was fun! Thanks for the recommendation!

Mar-19-2004, 8:31pm
DOes anybody have the chords for "Reel Around the Fountain"? That would probably work well