View Full Version : Looking for intro to pure prairie league's amie

Feb-02-2019, 8:11am
Hello everyone, I am new to the forum as well as the mandolin. I have played drums for quite a few years and a little bass. My wife bought me a Washburn mandolin for Christmas and I just took off with it! Anyway I am looking for a good tab for the intro and solo to amie. I know it is based on a pentatonic scale, but I am just looking to see some tabs to maybe help me put it together. Thanks!

Feb-02-2019, 9:49am
Whether you want the 8 bar guitar solo intro or the separate "Falling In and Out of Love With You" song, tabs for both are all over the web. Google is your friend! Try Ultimate Guitar Tab. They are all for guitar but transcribing for mando is easy.

Have fun!

Feb-02-2019, 12:07pm
Yea I saw a bunch of guitar stuff and a lot of mando cord stuff for the tune. Banjo Ben Carson broke it down a little on mandolin. I got wagon wheel in g down pretty good, copperhead road to where it's recognisable, and working on Mr bojangles. Amie just kind of came to mind yesterday, now it's on the bucket list! I wish I picked a mandolin up years ago I'm having a blast!

Guitfiddle Mike
Mar-05-2019, 9:58am
I am actually working on picking that one out right now. I don't have it tabbed out yet though. The intro is real close but getting out if the lead break is being a challenge for sure. I will be glad to share what I have when I get it tabbed out. Any suggestions on easy program to tab with?
Thanks, Mike

Mar-16-2019, 8:48pm
I don't know of a program, sorry. I am follower in that respect. I would love to see what you have when it is done. Google banjo Ben Clark he makes it look pretty easy lol!

Mar-17-2019, 3:16am
I use Tabledit. Great program for creating tabs and creating tabs from standard notationand .abc files etc.. Will also transpose into different keys and create tabs in alternative tunings. No connection other than as a happy customer

Guitfiddle Mike
Mar-17-2019, 8:56pm
Try this. You will have to work out the timing but it's pretty close.

Hope this helps!


Mar-31-2019, 10:00pm
Yes! Thanks Mike! I actually transposed it from guitar today and came up with the same thing. I am playing around with the b to c# on the a string, it needs to be a slide or hammer on of sorts? My speed and timing are not all the way there yet, but that tab is the right sound if you put a 2/2 swing feel on it.:mandosmiley: