View Full Version : Mr. Brakeman Let Me Ride Your Train

Ukulele Player
Feb-01-2019, 11:34am
I have the lyrics
I have the chords
But itís all by ear. Anybody out there who can point me or plain GIVE me the song sheet.
Thanks in advance.

Feb-04-2019, 1:31am
Good luck. I checked out my best source for railroad songs, Norm Cohen's Long Steel Rail (U. of Illinois Press, 1981), and the only reference to Mr. Brakeman Let Me Ride Your Train was a recording by Martha Copeland, an African-American blues singer from the 1920's. The song was reissued on a Rosetta Records album, Sorry But I Can't Take You: Women's Railroad Blues; here's (https://www.discogs.com/Various-Sorry-But-I-Cant-Take-You-Womens-Railroad-Blues/release/2288121) some info on the album.

I'd say your chances of running across a song sheet would be pretty slim.

Charles E.
Feb-04-2019, 7:15pm
Not sure why it is in the Bluegrass, Country forum but it is cool......