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Matt Hutchinson
Jan-15-2019, 9:58am
I'm probably one of the few people here who didn't know this album (https://www.allmusic.com/album/plays-and-sings-bluegrass-mw0000622526) but I just listened to it for the first time today. Wow. It's great. From the song choice to the singing and playing it's just superb.

The opening track 'I've Waited as Long as I Can' has been a favourite for years after I heard it on a compilation, but I never got as far as checking out the album it came from. That track also has possibly my favourite mando solo ever on it (with Chris Thile's break on 'If I Should Wander Back Tonight' coming a close second).

Anyone know who played the break? The credits online list several mando players on the album.

Anyhow, I now have a new favourite!


Jan-15-2019, 10:34am
The CD liner notes show the mandolinist as being Jimmy Gaudreau. Other songs credit Larry Rice, Sam Bush and John Duffy. R/

Matt Hutchinson
Jan-15-2019, 10:43am
Great, thanks! It's a superb solo - never get tired of hearing it

Jan-15-2019, 1:42pm
Yep, that’s a good album!

doc holiday
Jan-15-2019, 2:58pm
Jimmy Gaudreau is a killer mandolin player who did fabulous work with the Tony Rice Unit. It surprises me that there's never been any traction generated to get a mando interview with him here on the M Cafe....

William Smith
Jan-15-2019, 3:14pm
Jimmy Gaudreau is indeed a killer mandolinist! Love his early stuff also and his Tenor singing isn't so bad either, its awesome!

Jan-15-2019, 4:28pm
Yep, Jimmy is the man. As he puts it, his style 'fits in the cracks of all the other players." From the early days of the post-Duffey Country Gentlemen to his time in The IInd Generation and The Country Store to his solo record on the Puritan label to J.D. Crowe and The New South to Spectrum to Auldridge/Bennett/Gaudreau to Chesapeake to his work with Moondi Klein to the TRU - why, it's all great.

This record is very representative of his style, with good songs/singing/composing/picking. Has the lovely and talented Wyatt Rice on the flat-top box. I dig JAG.

doc holiday
Jan-15-2019, 4:45pm
I've got a few JAG recordings from vinyl. Love his playing.

Jan-15-2019, 4:54pm
So who plays the filthy mandolin break on I Just Think I'll Stay Around?

First time I heard it I knew I HAD to get that under my fingers, but I've never known who to credit. Doesn't sound like Sam to me, maybe Larry Rice?

doc holiday
Jan-15-2019, 4:58pm
sounds like Sam to me....but i've been wrong before.

doc holiday
Jan-15-2019, 5:35pm
Tree Right you are. Fooled me. Here's a big thread about that break. https://www.mandolincafe.com/forum/threads/90744-I-ll-Stay-Around-Sam-Bush-solo

Jan-16-2019, 8:00am
Great thread on that break - it really is a clinic for how to put together a smoking bluegrass solo! I play it mostly true, with a couple of modifications that add emphasis on parts I really like.

Matt Hutchinson
Jan-16-2019, 8:42am
Excellent - I'll be having a go at that then!