View Full Version : My new Cliff Sargent F-5

Philip Halcomb
Jul-29-2005, 12:02am
Well, I bought a new mando. A used Cliff Sargent F-5. Has beautiful wood and tone that kills. Varnish finish, red spruce top, slightly distressed. All around though it's a good mandolin. Here's a couple pics...

Philip Halcomb
Jul-29-2005, 12:03am
The back...

Philip Halcomb
Jul-29-2005, 12:04am
The neck...

Philip Halcomb
Jul-29-2005, 12:06am
Side and back... The other side is equally flamed...

Jul-29-2005, 6:17am
R.I.P, Cliff. You built a dandy there.

Lane Pryce
Jul-29-2005, 7:45am
Hey Flip nice F5.Do you still have your F9? Lp

Scotti Adams
Jul-29-2005, 7:46am
Cliff made some great mandos for sure..that looks like a real nice one.

Philip Halcomb
Jul-29-2005, 12:14pm

I do still have the F9 and it's sounding great due to it's excessive play. The Sargent F-5 has a deeper loarish tone than the F9. I wouldn't exactly say better but different. I'll post some sound clips in the near future.

Gail Hester
Jul-29-2005, 12:58pm
Congratulations flip. #I love my 1987 Cliff Sargent F5 mandolin. #Do you know when yours was made? #Itís nice to know someone else who has one.

-Chuck Hester

Jul-29-2005, 1:01pm
Cliff was missed this year at Grass Valley......

Philip Halcomb
Jul-29-2005, 3:36pm

Mine was made in October 2002, one of his later ones. I wish I had the opportunity of meeting him. According to all the folks who knew him he was a great guy...

Philip Halcomb
Sep-04-2005, 6:02pm
Update... I've upgraded the Sargent mandolin with a new finger-rest, some might consider that a downgrade, by so be it. Anyhow, I said I would post sound clips, so here's a head to head comparison of the Sargent F-5 and my Gibson F-9 at http://www.arbolnet.com/paddy.mp3 . I took the first two breaks on the F-5 and the second two on the F-9. Excuse my pickin' etc, but I threw this together real quick. Enjoy, here are the contenders...

John Flynn
Sep-04-2005, 6:57pm
Wow, even with my simple sound card, it is obvious that the F-5 is the clear winner. The F-9 does not sound bad, but it is almost "one-dimensional" compared to the clear, complex tone on the F-5. In my experience listening to online MP3 mando comparisons with this computer, my experience has been that if I can hear a difference on it, the actual difference live is even greater. So you I'd say you really have your self a winner there.

Philip Halcomb
Sep-04-2005, 8:42pm
My thoughts exactly Mando Johnny. I just listened to the clip for the first time and I realized I should have used my condenser mic, I used a little old apple mic I had laying around. Also I had to compress the heck out of the file so it would be suitable for download. Like you said they both sound more impressive in person, but with the cheesy recording you can see that the F-5 wins easily hands down... Thanks for listening...