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Scott R
Dec-31-2018, 1:00pm
So I'm working on setting up archives for small builders, and have been so far adding instruments owned by friends and acquaintances. I know there are a lot of Flatiron fans here on the cafe, so when I run across a new flatiron to add to the site I'll post it here for you all to check out if that's ok. :)

https://www.ruttlist.com//images/collections/mandolin/2018/58/519_thumb.jpg?ts=1546277785 (https://www.ruttlist.com/builders/flatiron_mandolins/f5_master/LnKgMn)
Flatiron Mandolins - F5 Master 1987 [View On RuttList] (https://www.ruttlist.com/builders/flatiron_mandolins/f5_master/LnKgMn)

Dec-31-2018, 7:26pm
That is a nice one. Good work on the site. I like all the photos.

There was a guy who had started a Flatiron archive/list but I will have to search for it.

The Carlson signed Bozemans are something special. A few of them showed up in Atlanta in the mid80s but they don’t show up for sale often because you have to pry them out of the owner’s cold, dead hands. Me included.

Scott R
Dec-31-2018, 7:32pm
Brad, I'm glad you enjoy the photos! It was fatt-dad here on the forum who started the idea of a Flatiron archive, but he never got it off the ground.

Could I talk you into taking some nice photos of yours to add to the site? :)

Jim Garber
Jan-01-2019, 1:25am
Scott R: I will send you pics of my 1983 A5-2 when I get home. BTW you have misspelled Bozeman.

Jan-01-2019, 11:19am
I have a Carlson-signed mandolin made in Bozeman,Montana;but it says Gibson on the headstock. It's the one
mandolin(out of dozens I have owned) that I would never consider selling.

Just wondering how many "Gibson" mandos are Carlson-signed? Other than the 200 Monroe models.

Scott R
Jan-01-2019, 11:56am
So now that we are talking about Flatirons--can anybody here talk with any authority on the finish level of the Master, Artist, Performer, Festival mandolins so I can document it correctly in the archive?

And I just found this page thanks to Brad Laird that has a copy of the flatiron brochures with specs!


Jan-01-2019, 1:41pm
Here's some other FLat history links:




Scott R
Jan-01-2019, 2:31pm
Oops, click this link instead. It is an Artist, not a master.. and I can't seem to edit my post.

If an admin sees this, feel free to delete this post and copy/paste the listing below.

https://www.ruttlist.com//images/collections/mandolin/2018/58/519_thumb.jpg?ts=1546277785 (https://www.ruttlist.com/builders/flatiron_mandolins/f5_artist/LnKgMn)
Flatiron Mandolins - F5 Artist 1987 [View On RuttList] (https://www.ruttlist.com/builders/flatiron_mandolins/f5_artist/LnKgMn)

- - - Updated - - -

Thanks for the additional history--I may end up doing a short story/profile on these instruments on Ruttlist, so all the info I can get would be appreciated!

Scott R
Jan-03-2019, 6:15pm
Jim made good on his promise, and what pictures they are!

https://www.ruttlist.com//images/collections/mandolin/2019/64/562_thumb.jpg?ts=1546557193 (https://www.ruttlist.com/builders/flatiron_mandolins/a5_2/Ln5Dj6)
Flatiron Mandolins - A5-2 1983 [View On RuttList] (https://www.ruttlist.com/builders/flatiron_mandolins/a5_2/Ln5Dj6)

Scott R
Jan-03-2019, 6:42pm
And another one that used to belong to Russ Jordan here in the forum:

https://www.ruttlist.com//images/collections/mandolin/2019/65/567_thumb.jpg?ts=1546558569 (https://www.ruttlist.com/builders/flatiron_mandolins/a5_artist/Xn0gb6)
Flatiron Mandolins - A5 Artist 1992 [View On RuttList] (https://www.ruttlist.com/builders/flatiron_mandolins/a5_artist/Xn0gb6)

Jim Garber
Jan-03-2019, 7:07pm
Jim made good on his promise, and what pictures they are!
Flatiron Mandolins - A5-2 1983 [View On RuttList] (https://www.ruttlist.com/builders/flatiron_mandolins/a5_2/Ln5Dj6)

That was one time I was in the right place at the right time. I was playing in the NY Mandolin Orchestra and a band or two so I was playing lots of mandolin. My A2 needed fretwork and I realized that I only owned one mandolin. I checked in and found that Mandolin Brothers had two of the very new Flatiron A5s. At that point (1983) they did not make any F models. MBros had an A5-1 and an A5-2. They both sounded great but I decided to go with the A5-2 which was much fancier. I have never regretted it and for quite a while was my main band instrument. It is still in the rotation though all my other mandolins are oval holes, it fits the bill when i need more of a bluegrassy sound.