View Full Version : We Should Build Mandolins

Daniel Nestlerode
Dec-19-2018, 3:49am
Fretboard Journal's short aboutTom Ellis's shop.

Don't know if it has been shared before. Apologies if it's old news.


Ivan Kelsall
Dec-20-2018, 9:33am
Hi Daniel - Yes,it has been shown before. But there's no harm in watching one of the best builders at work more than a few times - as i have done !,

doc holiday
Dec-20-2018, 10:38am
This is a special story & Tom & Pava are a team unlike any other.

Dec-21-2018, 3:32pm
I found this video yesterday, while looking on youtube. Ellis Mandolins are doing a day by day build on their facebook page and its as close to Bob's Ross's "happy little trees" as I can get! lol!! I just love watching masters at work and Tom is definitely one!.