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Jim Hilburn
Jul-27-2005, 6:50pm
This is my first all blonde.

Jim Hilburn
Jul-27-2005, 6:53pm
Trying to get that natural blonde color is a bit tricky.

Jim Hilburn
Jul-27-2005, 6:54pm
This is the one with the quilted back.

Jim Hilburn
Jul-27-2005, 6:56pm
And the one with the wire inlay.

Jim Hilburn
Jul-27-2005, 7:00pm
Here's a profile shot of the front.

Jul-27-2005, 7:21pm
looks to die for!

Stanley Cox
Jul-27-2005, 7:35pm
Thats a good looker Jim.

Jul-27-2005, 7:47pm
Looking good.

Stephanie Reiser
Jul-27-2005, 8:19pm
Really really beautiful. Such attention to detail. Beautiful job of engraving. Is that sterling silver for wire inlay?

Ken Berner
Jul-27-2005, 8:32pm
An exquisite touch of class, Sir; absolutely gorgeous!

Lane Pryce
Jul-27-2005, 8:40pm
Typically top shelf!!That inlay is mouth watering. Lp

Jim Hilburn
Jul-27-2005, 8:41pm
Steph, that's actually some bead wire from Hobby Lobby that cost $2.33, and I still have nearly 24 yards of it.

Jul-27-2005, 9:04pm
The black stripe running all the way through the peghead looks great with the blonde. How about a shot of the back of the peghead?

Jul-27-2005, 10:21pm
Magnificent and beautiful. Is it for sale?

Jul-28-2005, 7:50am
Always classy, Mr. Hilburn!

Scotti Adams
Jul-28-2005, 8:26am
..really, really nice Jim.

Jul-28-2005, 9:05am
Jim - now I'm only gonna ask you one last time - PLEASE STOP IT! #You are killing me with these absolutely gorgeous mandolins.


The Bhagwan

Jul-28-2005, 9:06am
I'm not prone to all the drool on these mandolin threads, but that is one fine-looking mandolin. I'm somewhat partial to the A-style mandolins and really like the binding/pickguard/bridge against the blonde finish. That peghead is great too.


Jim Hilburn
Jul-28-2005, 9:42am
Here's a requested shot.

Jim Hilburn
Jul-28-2005, 9:46am
I'm going to do one more of the peghead because the inlay was partially obscured in the last one.
The flower and leaf are taken from a turn of the century Washburn bowlback, however, their engraving skills were a little better than mine in those days.

Jul-28-2005, 9:46am
Sounds like Leo wants first dibs on this one.
Absolutely scrumptious!!

Jim Hilburn
Jul-28-2005, 9:50am
This one is spoken for. And believe it or not, this will be my third instrument that will be living in Africa. Talk about a huge un-tapped market!

Jul-28-2005, 10:09am
I wish I wasn't so "band width challenged" out here where I live. I could look at the post-a-picture thread more often without having to spend so much time.

Excellent, as usual, Jim!

I'm building my first actual blonde "as we speak". I've done unstained cherry and "honey blonde", but not white blonde.
What kind of spruce is that beautifully clear top? I'm using a piece of engelmann that is one of the prettiest pieces of top wood I've ever worked with. Hope it turns out as nice as yours.

Guitar Jeremy
Jul-28-2005, 11:07am
We are lucky to be able to get a fleeting glimpse of these beauties before they are swallowed up by their owners. Thanks as always.

Jul-28-2005, 11:26am
As everyone else has stated, that is beautiful. I'm sure the silking in that top is pretty striking in real life. Is that white and black binding on the fretboard? Or white purfling set into the fretboard? It looks like every detail is flawless... amazing work.

I'll second Jeremy's statement that we're lucky to get a glimpse of all this fine work... thanks to those that take the time to post these pics.

Jim Hilburn
Jul-28-2005, 11:37am
That's red spruce and it does have some silking but not like some of the englemann and sitka, but that sound!

Jul-28-2005, 12:29pm
beautiful mandolin , Jim, but let's talk about the un-tapped market in Africa before anyone gets any big ideas ! #http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/biggrin.gif

Jul-29-2005, 9:25pm
Hey Jim,

You know what? #You Rock!!! #That's what! #That is one FINE looking mandolin. #Awesome job. #

I think I might be getting a case of "A" Envy!

Steve Smith
Recovering Scroll Ho'

Jul-29-2005, 9:33pm
You should be outlawed from posting pics. I soooo want to get on your waiting list! And these pics don't help one bit!

Aug-01-2005, 7:45pm
absolutely top hole, a real f muncher bet shes got tone to boot, this is my second favorite mandolin of yours.

Skip Kelley
Aug-01-2005, 8:40pm
Jim, That is as nice a mandolin as I have ever seen! Perfect work!! It just cries out "stare at me!"

Chris Baird
Aug-02-2005, 4:11pm
I took up the opportunity to visit Jim on my way home from Rockygrass. A fella couldn't ask for a more gracious host. Jim is a fantastic guy and his mandolins reflect that character. #I missed the recent a-style but got to play an amazing blackface F that was in for a checkup. Jim's instruments are world class and it sure was a pleasure to get to know him.

Jim Hilburn
Aug-02-2005, 4:55pm
Thanks, Chris, it was great to meet you.
Here's a shot of the event. Left to right Chris' friend Eric with Flatiron, Chris with his incredible F-4, and Steven Stone with my blackface #28. At this point, Steve had barely begun taking incredible mandolins out of their cases.

Aug-02-2005, 5:08pm

Thanks for the peek!


Aug-15-2005, 11:32am
whats that furry thing on the floor to the left of steve???

Jim Hilburn
Aug-15-2005, 1:39pm
We couldn't afford a bearskin rug.
Actually, it's Scottie. Steve loves her. Notice that I have mandolin content.

Aug-15-2005, 2:08pm
you can see it in scotties eyes...he's got MAS real bad...:p

Aug-15-2005, 9:54pm
Simply Drop Dead Gorgeous!