View Full Version : The Rose Society - Cover

Dec-16-2018, 10:55am
This Mark Olson/Gary Louris tune is one I've always loved. I've been working on it on & off for a while, and finally hit on an instrumental arrangement I thought worked. I hope it's bringing something interesting out of the tune. I pitched it for mandola, which proved a bit low in my vocal range. Mandola, mandolin, acoustic & electric tenor guitars.

Dec-16-2018, 11:19am
i was so anxious to get this posted & out of my hair that I forgot to thank Mark Gunter for his feedback & tough love on the earlier versions of this.

Mark Gunter
Dec-17-2018, 2:37pm
Hey Bruce, kudos on making this, I guess I missed your posting it. I know your apprehension about singing, and I applaud your bravery and your commitment to your music. It's a good offering, thanks for sharing.

I do think that many people may not be familiar with this song, I'd never heard it, and for that reason I think punching up the vocals would have been a great idea, so that the story can be heard and understood. There's a good vibe here, and a more distinct telling of the story would really cap it off. I'm about half deaf and have trouble discerning the words.

Looking forward to following your future endeavors! :mandosmiley: