View Full Version : A la Nanita Nana - Christmas carol

Hany Hayek
Dec-13-2018, 10:17am
It's time to start posting carols. Hope you like it
Merry Christmas

We used the score is from this site. (http://www.janwolters.nl/jwfree5-uk.html)
We recorded this in October, that's why I was in shorts :)
It's hard to get a hold of the guitar player :mandosmiley:


Dec-13-2018, 8:20pm
Very nice playing, Hany! I especially like your tremolo. And in the key of a-minor, the mandolin really shines.
I found a somewhat darker version in d-minor in the sheet music book Volkslieder und -tšnze aus aller Welt by Bruno Henze.
I recorded it in summer, but didn't upload it and forgot about it. Thanks for reminding me of this beautiful tune!
Merry Christmas from me too!


Dec-13-2018, 8:23pm
I enjoyed the video, Hany. Thanks for posting it and thanks for the link.

Dec-13-2018, 8:27pm
Good pickin', Hany and Crisscross! :mandosmiley: Thanks for posting. :)

Jesse Kinman
Dec-14-2018, 9:23am
Very nicely done!

Randi Gormley
Dec-16-2018, 2:36pm
Lovely piece, nicely done by both!

Dec-19-2018, 7:40am
Merry Christmas to you.