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Peter Mix
Dec-04-2018, 10:13am
Hereís a terrific electric F5 from Hondo. History is sketchy and it may have been a NAMM show custom instrument in Ď69 or the early 70ís.

I googled Hondo once and found it quickly under the heading ďWhat Is The Worst Mandolin You Have Played?Ē. That thread sure didnít know about this 50-year-old beauty!

This Hondo is a solid-body rockíníroll machine capable of pretty much anything. Itís quite heavy and the strap button on the scroll works best to keep its weight distributed comfortably.

Itís original except for the strap button (I didnít put it there, but I am glad someone else thought of it) and tuners. The tailpiece is very heavy duty and cool. The pickup is very hot. I put modern tuners on it only because the original lustrous faux pearl buttons made me slightly queasy.

Hereís a snippet: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=wJVwtFesZKk

Dec-04-2018, 10:03pm

Cool playing! I like that sound. :mandosmiley: Lemme see if the video can be put into this page...


John Rosett
Dec-05-2018, 12:05am
I've seen a few of these over the years, but they are pretty rare.

William Smith
Dec-05-2018, 7:22am
I'd take one of those solid body F-5 style electrics any day over the Hondo acoustic examples I've seen! Very Nice!