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Peter Mix
Dec-03-2018, 2:40pm
Adam Buchwald of Circle Strings sent photos to me of his newly completed electric mandolin recently. Today I went to meet it and took a test drive.

Typical of Adamís work, it is exceptionally beautiful and graceful. The body design incorporates a number of elements that result in a showstopper of a mandolin. The headstock is simply gorgeous. Heís awaiting ebony knobs for the volume and tone pots, but it is otherwise complete.

Because the body is chambered, it has more of an acoustic voice than my solid body EMís. Plugged in, it sounds fabulous: rich, full bodied, very responsive....just like a big, bold mandolin as opposed to a high-strung guitar.

All I can say in summary is Congratulations, Adam! What a great mandolin!

Check out circlestrings.com


Peter Mix
Dec-03-2018, 2:55pm

FYI both the maple and the sika spruce Adam used is from Shelburne VT. Here are photos of the new ebony knobs with Adamís inset ivoroid band. Very classy!

Mark Seale
Dec-04-2018, 1:32pm
Who built the CC pickup? That looks great!

Peter Mix
Dec-04-2018, 1:42pm
You can check with Adam at adam@circlestrings.com

Dec-04-2018, 2:21pm
Wow, would love to see/hear this beauty...video?

Peter Mix
Dec-04-2018, 3:05pm
Iíll hope to play it again and record it before it leaves the shop for its new home. Stay tuned.....

Wow, would love to see/hear this beauty...video?

Adam Buchwald
Dec-04-2018, 9:02pm
Thanks for the kind words Peter! I finally got the knobs on today and took some nice photos. More professional photos will be taken next week at my photographers studio. The fellow that ordered it today came by and checked it out and was floored. Itís a very exciting instrument and I think I am onto something special. The CC pickup was made by TK Smith from California.

Adam Buchwald
Dec-04-2018, 9:07pm
I canít figure out how to add photos with the forum on the iPhone, any tips? Here is a link to my Facebook post about it with some good pics.