View Full Version : Custom Weber Bitterroot

steve in tampa
Jul-26-2005, 7:01pm
Cedar top, mahogany back and sides, tone bars, McIntyre pickup, armrest tailpiece.

steve in tampa
Jul-26-2005, 7:04pm
Close shot of maple Brekke bridge and armrest. Label says"Custom Built For"

steve in tampa
Jul-26-2005, 7:05pm
Side view

Rob Griffin
Jul-26-2005, 7:51pm
Steve, very nice! How does the cedar mahogany combination sound so far?

steve in tampa
Jul-26-2005, 7:57pm
The tone is very warm woody on the bottom and bright through the mids and highs with the maple bridge. It is sounding better every day. Got it last Thursday.

Guitar Jeremy
Jul-26-2005, 8:03pm
Very nice looking instrument. Beautiful color and grain on the top. I also like the binding/inlay combination. I'm sure you're a happy camper.

Jul-26-2005, 8:27pm
very nice steve. #lets have a close up of the peghead so we can see the inlay. #Are those ebony saddles on the A and E strings on the bridge? #i really like the maple bridge on that blonde top and the scroll split is cool too. #make sure you 'post a pic' on the Weber Players page!

steve in tampa
Jul-27-2005, 2:27pm
Here's the peg head. I upgraded to the gold tuners and had my initials engraved in the trussrod cover.

steve in tampa
Jul-27-2005, 2:34pm
Here's a shot with my Gibsons.
Left, 2002 with Gibson OAI installed Baggs bridge pickup
Right, 2003 with Red Henry maple bridge.

Jul-27-2005, 6:46pm
nice trio