View Full Version : Original Song- The Wisdom Tree

Nov-19-2018, 12:14pm

I'm new here. I didn't see an intro section. Glad to be here!

I play stretched mandolin *ahem*. Also called a longscale and/or a bouzouki.Capo'd up it sounds like a short scale.I'm in the mandolin family but I guess I would be like a 3rd cousin or something.

This is a song made using Mixolodian in A. This was all played in like a multi track. No editing of parts. In some places you can probably tell.

Tree Of Wisdom (https://soundcloud.com/starise/tree-of-wisdom)

maudlin mandolin
Nov-22-2018, 4:13am
Great sound you have there. What instrumentation are you using - is there a woodwind in the mix?