View Full Version : THANKS for Your Help on "Pickguard or Not" Choice

Jul-25-2005, 7:48pm
Thanks for all of the help in deciding if I should get a pickguard installed on my new mandolin.
Lots of good input!

Jul-25-2005, 7:51pm
What really turned me into the direction of getting a pickguard was comments about other people playing their mandolins and leaving their 'mark'... That got me...

I figured that I could quickly overcome that 'resting' my pinkie in less active playing times but I couldn't stop others' wild ways...

Here's my newest Mandolin:
It's Bernard Allen's number 19
with an Abbreviated Pickguard that Steve Smith at Cumberland Acoustic made. He made it a bit smaller than the models that he has listed on his website. We were looking for a sleek, sporty, sexy look... what do you think?
(He made one for himself and one for me.)

I love the sound and look of the mandolin... and am now comfortable that the finish is protected.

{I also recently got Bernard's number 16... which is a modified A. It has a beautiful warm but loud voice!}

Thanks for your help!


Jul-25-2005, 9:12pm
Looks very nice. I think the larger ones on F mandolins are often out of proportion to the rest of the top. This one fits nicely.

Bill Snyder
Jul-25-2005, 11:13pm
Nice looking mando. That sroll is unique.

Jul-25-2005, 11:33pm
I'm afraid that now that I look at this picture that it certainly doesn't do justice to the finish on the mandolin. Weird...
I had had trouble initially getting it to post; kept saying that the file was 'too big'. So I moved the resolution down some. The picture in the file and the printed out picture still looked okay at that resolution... but this picture on site looks very blotchey. Yikes!

I guess one day when people were talking about having a class in how to photograph instruments, that applies to this experience. I'd better stick to music.

At least, you get an idea of the pickguard's size/look and the amount of blockage of the f-hole.

Steve has a really special abbreviated one coming out soon that is really going to be something... some of you will probably notice it.
I would have loved one of them but I just couldn't wait longer since it was time for my girl to come home.

Jul-26-2005, 12:09pm
at first i thought the scroll was messed up, but now looking at it it is really cool, and the scroll ridge really compliments it, could you post a close-up of the scroll in the post a picture of your scroll section. thanks, it looks great. http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/biggrin.gif