View Full Version : Sierra "J. S. Bach" Hull

Mark Gunter
Nov-06-2018, 7:42pm
Thrashing a bit of Bach on Facebook today. Click image to play.



Mark Gunter
Nov-06-2018, 7:44pm
Weird, this video plays fine at Facebook, but when I tried watching it here, the audio dropped out for most of it. Anybody else experience that?

George R. Lane
Nov-06-2018, 8:31pm
Me too.

Charles E.
Nov-06-2018, 8:53pm
Works for me. Both ways.

Bill McCall
Nov-06-2018, 9:41pm
Worked for me.

What was the piece?

Nov-07-2018, 1:18am
It plays too fast when I click on it!:disbelief::)):mandosmiley:

Mark Gunter
Nov-07-2018, 1:30am
That's strange. Just checked it in IE (I never use IE), and it plays fine. My FF still drops the audio early on, and picks it back up at the end. The FB video software leaves a lot to be desired IMO.

Mark Gunter
Nov-07-2018, 1:31am
It plays too fast when I click on it!:disbelief::)):mandosmiley:

:)) I hear you! That girl can fly through the notes for sure.

John Kelly
Nov-07-2018, 5:19am
It played straight from your link, Mark, and as a non-Facebook person I was pleased that I could directly access this great piece of playing. I am in the UK and still using Windows 7 and Firefox as my browser.

What a very talented young lady.

Nov-07-2018, 8:40am
audio dropped on the Cafe but played fine via FB on Chrome for me. That was well played.


Chris W.
Nov-07-2018, 10:39am
Worked for me.

What was the piece?

That’s the first half of the D minor gigue from solo violin partita 2.

Nov-07-2018, 12:26pm
Worked fine here on the Cafe for me, which I love because I am one of those anti FB people myself....

Amazing... her talent blows me away!!! Thanks for sharing Mark.

Nov-07-2018, 1:38pm
Very, very nice!!!

Jim Garber
Nov-07-2018, 1:41pm
Worked for me.

What was the piece?

J. S. Bach Gigue from Partita #2.

Charles E.
Nov-07-2018, 7:18pm
Love that little "whoo" she gives at the end. ;)